Top 5 Best New Free Android Games

new android games, best android games

Looking for some awesome free games? These five Android games are new or newly updated, and won’t cost you a penny. Here are our five favorite new freebies for Android.

1. Battle Camp

Get a closer look at this game in the video above.

Battle Camp is a monster collecting, PvP, “persistent virtual world” that will appeal to fans of any monster hunting game. Described by some as the love child of “Pokemon” and “WoW,” this colorful, casual title is definitely worth checking out. There are over 400 monsters to collect, as well as tons of scheduled in-game events to keep you hooked. Easy to learn but frustrating to master, this title would be a must-try even if it cost money. As a freebie, this is a no-brainer.

Buy it here.

  • Hundreds of monsters
  • Nice graphics
  • Real-Time PvP Tournaments
  • Hang with friends or meet new ones
  • Only requires Android 3.0 or higher

  • Cons:
  • Too many notifications
  • Pushy IAP
  • With no referral code, you miss out on freebies
  • Sometimes buggy
  • “Candy Crush”-style energy system a huge turn-off for many players

  • 2. School Idol Festival

    Check out the play through video above to hear some of the music featured in this game.

    For fans of Japanese-style games, School Idol Festival is definitely eye-catching. This fun, rhythm-based game boasts anime-inspired graphics, the ability to collect new members, and full voiceover for all of the main characters. If you love games with a bold soundtrack and the ability to test your reflexes, this game is worth grabbing.

    Buy it here.

  • Cute, anime-style character design
  • Catchy music
  • Good replay value
  • New stories added regularly
  • Game preserves original Japanese voice work, rather than having a clumsy dub

  • Cons:
  • If you hate the sound of Japanese pop, this game will grate on your nerves
  • This game is not supported on rooted devices
  • Some users have reported issues with game freezes
  • Overpriced love gems
  • You might not enjoy this game fully unless you’ve seen the anime series

  • 3. Epic Skater

    Check out the video above from IGN to get exclusive insight from Kongregate on this cool skateboarding title.

    Recently added to Google Play (and even more recently updated to address some annoying bugs), Epic Skater is skateboarding game set in Los Angeles. This free-to-play title offers fast-paced action and the ability to level up your character so you can do even more insane tricks.

    Buy it here.

  • More than 25 unique tricks
  • Optimized for phones and tablets
  • Very good replay value
  • Focus on distance, biggest combo, or highest total score
  • Nice sound design

  • Cons:
  • Free, but does offer IAP
  • Unlocking process feels slow
  • Not ideal for skaters looking for a highly realistic experience
  • Limited customization options
  • Can drain your battery with extended play sessions

  • 4. Moshling Rescue!

    Check out the trailer for Moshling Rescue above.

    I’ve been playing this game for like three days now, and I still have no idea what the heck a “moshling” even is. That hasn’t stopped me from putting down this addictive match-3 title. If you have already conquered Candy Crush, say hello to your new matching game addiction.

    Buy it here.

  • Hundreds of puzzles
  • Cute characters
  • Variety of game modes
  • Fun collectible aspect
  • Help your Facebook friends

  • Cons:
  • Too Facebook-centric
  • Game gets really hard after level 20
  • Multiple users have reported game will not load after install
  • Some users have reported glitches
  • Sometimes gets a bit laggy, depending on your device

  • 5. A Dark Room

    Check out a review of this great game in the video above.

    A Dark Room recently went free, allowing a whole new segment of gamers to check out this unique title. A Dark Room offers a unique take on a classic text adventure game, with elements of strategy and fighting games added in as well. As the story unfolds, you’ll find yourself drawn into this addictive and mysterious game. It may not be the prettiest game on the Play store, but it is thoroughly enjoyable.

    Buy it here.

  • Has a cool, retro feel
  • Not usually free
  • Haunting atmosphere
  • Appealing to fans of city building games
  • Unlike any other title on the Play Store

  • Cons:
  • High level of difficulty
  • No graphics
  • Figuring out the next step in the game can be confusing
  • Not a full port, but simply a different way to access the web version
  • Some users have experienced save issues


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    These games are all pretty lame to be frank! However, there were some amazing game out in August, but it’s just sad that most of these titles are launched exclusively on the iOS App Store. By catering for numerous platforms, developers do not just get to boost things up.

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