iOS 8 Bugs & Known Issues: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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iOS 8 has some annoying issues. MacRumors has compiled a list of the worst issues users have discovered in iOS 8 so far, including issues with Wi-Fi and issues with battery life. Here’s a roundup of the most common issues with iOS 8, along with any known fixes for these bugs.

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1. iOS 8 Is a ‘Disaster’ According to Some Users

Check out some iOS 8 camera features in the video above.

MacRumors has a 13-page thread on their forums simply called “iOS 8 is a disaster.” The thread collects all of the various issues iOS 8 users have experienced since downloading the update. The forum thread contains a laundry list of complaints. Some, like incorrect bookmark redirects, are relatively minor. Others, such as app crashes, battery drain, and Wi-Fi issues, are much more problematic for the average user.

Speaking personally, I’ve had some major issues with my iPhone 5s since updating to iOS 8, including forced reboots, freezes, reboot loops, app crashes, and even the “bricking” of my device, which ultimately resulted in me having to do a factory reset and set up my iPhone like it was a new device. Even that hasn’t fully stopped the crash issues.

2. The 2 Biggest iOS 8 Issues Are Wi-Fi Problems & Battery Drain

iOS 8 Hidden FeaturesAlong with major features like Continuity, iOS 8 includes tons of minor tweaks and changes to the operating system, some of which are outlined in this video. For a complete list of hidden features in iOS 8 that have been added throughout the beta testing period, make sure to check out our full iOS 8…2014-09-17T16:58:27.000Z

Just downloaded iOS 8? Check out the video above from MacRumors, which highlights the hidden features in Apple’s latest version of iOS.

The two most commonly reported issues are extreme battery drain and issues with Wi-Fi speed and connectivity. One MacRumors user has reported that his iPhone went through its entire battery in about four hours. Another user has reported Safari’s extremely slow download speeds of just 0.01 Mbps.

3. There Are Some Fixes You Can Attempt

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Check out The Verge’s review of the iPhone 6 in the video above.

As far as the battery issues go, you can try adjusting your personal settings to minimize the battery drain. Try turning off Wi-Fi while in transit, turing off Location Services, or turn down your brightness settings to the lowest level that is comfortable for you. These small changes can help extend battery life, though not to the extent that a future iOS 8 update will likely provide.

MacRumors suggests that one fix that might help with the Wi-Fi issue is to disable Wi-Fi Networking. To do this, you need to visit the Privacy menu, and then enter the tab for Location Services. Tap on System Services and you should see the option you’re looking for.

4. iOS 8 Is Missing Key Features

iPhone 6 vs 6 Plus Drop Test!SHOCKING RESULT – Josh drops the new iPhones in this, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus drop test. High Res Pics of dropped iphones: Talk about Android in our forums: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: —————————————————- Stay connected to Android Authority: – – – – Follow the…2014-09-19T05:24:06.000Z

Josh at Android Authority made the video above, which pits Apple’s new iPhones against each other. Check out the video to see which phone does better under pressure.

Perhaps more frustrating that the bugs in iOS 8 is the fact that iOS 8 as it launched was a mere shadow of what Apple fans were promised. One forum user writes: “It’s not just the bugs, it’s the fact that 4 of the major touted features (ICloud [sic] Photo Library, Health App, Family Sharing and Apple Pay) were pulled, not available or not working correctly.”

Apple Pay is expected to launch in October, though Apple Pay functionality through the Apple Watch won’t be available until the Apple Watch hits stores next year. The Health App’s third-party functionality is expected to be up and running sometime this fall.

5. Apple Is Planning an iOS 8 Update

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The iPhone 6 is not blender-proof. Check out the torture test video above to see the carnage.

MacRumors writes that frustrated iOS 8 users can expect a fix from Apple that addresses some issues with the latest version of iOS:

“Apple already has plans for an iOS 8 update that’s coming in the near future, bringing support for Apple Pay and several features that are currently missing from the software, including SMS Relay. The update may also be used to fix some of the bugs that users are experiencing.”

MacRumors notes that iOS 8.0.1 has already been seeded to carriers, so users can expect it relatively soon. iOS 8.0.1 will address issues with the phone, keyboard, Safari, and VPN profiles.

Based on the number of people checking out our post on how to downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7, it seems like there are a lot of Apple fans who aren’t happy with iOS 8 right now.

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