Mayo Clinic: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The Mayo Clinic is expected to participate in Apple’s iPhone 6 launch. Learn more about the Mayo Clinic and Apple’s new health app right here.

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1. The Mayo Clinic Has Worked With Apple for 2 Years

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Mac Rumors reports that the Mayo Clinic has been working with Apple for two years on the tech company’s suite of health products. Dr. John H. Noseworthy, CEO of the Mayo Clinic, has been quoted as saying that Apple’s HealthKit offering has the potential to “revolutionize how the health industry interacts with people.” The combination of the Health app and HealthKit tool will enable patients to track their health and share key information with medical professionals for diagnostic use.

MacRumors notes that other medical facilities have been approached by Apple to use HealthKit, including the prestigious Mount Sinai, Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins clinics.

2. The Mayo Clinic Started as a Family Practice

Mayo Clinic and the White House: Caring for America's First Families – PreviewThe story begins with Abraham Lincoln, who appointed Dr. William Worrall Mayo as an examining surgeon for the Union Army during the Civil War, based in Rochester, Minn., and continues with virtually every administration of the 20th and 21st centuries. Mayo Clinic and the White House: Caring for America's First Families describes the unique challenges…2012-09-21T15:46:53Z

Learn about the connection between the Mayo Clinic and the White House in the video above.

The Mayo Clinic had humble origins as the medical practice of one frontier doctor, Dr. William Worrall Mayo. Dr. Mayo settled in the town of Rochester, Minnesota in 1863. By the late 1880s, his two sons, William James Mayo and Charles Horace Mayo, had joined his practice.

Today, the Mayo Clinic operates out of locations in the Midwest, Arizona, and Florida. Some 55,000 doctors, nurses, and other staffers work at these clinics. According to the Mayo Clinic’s list of awards it has received, “U.S. News & World Report ranked Mayo Clinic in Rochester…as the best hospital in the nation in their 2014-2015 rankings.” By partnering with the Mayo Clinic, Apple has given their health products an air of prestige and medical authority.

3. The Mayo Clinic Has Treated Celebs & Royalty

mayo clinic, jordan


Above, Jordan’s King Hussein (R), accompanied by Queen Noor (2nd-L), walks out of a Mayo Clinic facility in Rochester, Minnesota.

The Mayo Clinic website has a whole section devoted to celebrity patients. Some of the clinic’s most notable patients include actor Michael York, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., and Jordan’s King Hussein.

Departures notes that some of the Mayo Clinic’s most grateful patients have their names inscribed on the very wall of the historic clinic:

“One wall of the Mayo Building lobby is inscribed with the names of $10 million donors, mostly grateful former patients—names that include Hilton, Guggenheim and the president of the United Arab Emirates. But Mayo has been not-for-profit since 1919, when the founder’s sons signed a deed of gift, ensuring the longevity of the place by giving it away…Mayo had the first blood bank in the country, the first CT scanner in North America, and two Mayo doctors won the Nobel Prize for discovering cortisone.”

4. The Impact of HealthKit Is ‘Not Hyperbole’

New health app in IOS 8In this video I show you how the new health app in IOS 8 works using third-party health applications.2014-07-10T21:37:20Z

See how Apple’s Health app works in the video above.

Forbes writes that the Mayo Clinic’s belief in HealthKit as a revolutionary product is “not hyperbole.” Forbes explains what tech fans can expect to see during the Mayo Clinic portion of Apple’s iPhone 6 launch event:

“When Apple shows off the iPhone’s new Health app — which is intended to be a central repository for a wide range of patient data — Mayo Clinic will follow up by demonstrating how data from the app can “flow into the more sophisticated management system of a major health center”…

The health system has been piloting several health care applications for the iPhone. Mayo Clinic currently is testing a service to alert patients when their Apple apps detect abnormal health results, and help schedule them for follow-up visits.”

5. The Mayo Clinic Celebrates 150 Years of Service in 2014

Learn more about the future of health and digital technology in the podcast above.

2014 marks the 150th anniversary of the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic website notes that the original Dr. Mayo was originally appointed as a surgeon for the Civil War enrollment board. His job was to examine recruits for the Union Army. 150 years later, the Mayo Clinic has risen from humble beginnings to become a cutting edge medical facility. It will be interesting to see how the Mayo Clinic’s involvement with Apple shapes the future of medicine.

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