Feds Threatened Fines to Force Yahoo’s Help With PRISM

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New documents show that the Feds used the threat of $250,000 a day fines to force Yahoo to cooperate with the NSA’s controversial PRISM program. According to the Washington Post, roughly 1,500 new documents have come to light that outline the government’s tactics for forcing tech companies to cooperate with the program. It should be noted that the Feds threatened Yahoo with these high daily fines way back in 2008.

PRISM: Why the NSA is Mining Internet DataThe NSA has been obtaining information from the servers of major websites such as Google and Facebook for years! The Washington Post recently made public the classified "PRISM" program, and Annie has all the details. She takes a look at what the program is, what websites were being targeted, and whether or not you should…2013-06-08T00:05:46Z

Need a refresher on the whole PRISM thing? The video above gives you a concise, easy-to-understand rundown of the controversy.

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