Tesla D: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The tweet above from Elon Musk has got Tesla fans super excited. Next week, on October 9, Tesla will unveil a new Tesla…, well, something. We don’t really know yet, but everything will be revealed in about a week. Read on to learn what exactly the Tesla “D” is, and what to expect from Tesla later this month.

1. Elon Musk Teased the Tesla ‘D’ on Twitter

After teasing “About time to unveil the D and something else,” Musk shared the tweet above, which hints at the humorous comments people have been making about Musk showing people his “D.” Details about the D are very scarce, but that is expected to change as the date for the D’s big reveal draws closer. Musk might reveal more details about the mysterious D in the coming days via his Twitter account.

2. Tesla Is Likely Unveiling 2 Things

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If Musk’s tweets can be believed, Tesla will be unveiling whatever the D is, along with another item. Based on the image Musk tweeted, the “D” could be a new car, Model D. Past Tesla model names that have been announced include the Model S, Model X, and Model 3/Model E.

However, the Wall Street Journal suggests that the “D” could actually be a drive train, and that the “other letter” could refer to a single product with two initials, rather than two separate products. WSJ argues:

“Mr. Musk has referred to the system he has promised on the coming Model X sport-utility as the ‘dual motor’ system. The other letter not mentioned by Mr. Musk could be ‘m.'”

Then again, another Wall Street Journal theory is that the “D” could stand for driving, while the other letter could be an “A,” standing for automated. An automated driving car would be a big step forward for Tesla, and would give Google’s driverless cars some competition.

3. Tesla Recently Released New Software for the Model S

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A Tesla Model S. (Getty)

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Tesla had introduced new software for the Model S. You can now use your mobile phone to turn on the car. Updates were also made to the car’s navigation system. WSJ notes that Tesla’s approach to car upgrades is different from other automakers:

“The features themselves are rare in other vehicles, but, beyond that, Tesla’s decision to push them out in the middle of a product cycle shows how it views its products more as an upgradeable computer than a standard car.”

4. Tesla Is Primed for Expansion

Elon Musk, Hyperloop


Tesla and Elon Musk recently broke ground on their “Gigafactory” in Nevada. This factory will produce batteries for Tesla’s cars, and is expected to make batteries for 500,000 electric vehicles per year by 2020. The Gigafactory is expect to provide 6,500 new jobs for Nevada residents.

5. The Tesla ‘D-Tails’ Will Be Revealed October 9

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It’s not yet clear what format Tesla’s D announcement will take. The details of the “D” project could take the form of a traditional press conference, press release, or livestream event. As more details emerge, we’ll keep you posted. You can also visit Tesla’s website to learn more about their current product offerings.

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