WATCH: Everything You Need to Know About the Snappening

If you use Snapchat, your saucy selfies may have been leaked. Here’s everything you need to know about this epic hack, which is being called the “Snappening.” Check out the report above to learn more about this leak.

The Snappening is believed to include as many as 100,000 leaked photos. According to Business Insider, some of these photos may be of underage users. A large percentage of Snapchat’s users are teenagers, which makes this leak all the more disturbing.

The Snappening is far from the first security issue in Snapchat. Perhaps most notably, researchers discovered a vulnerability in Snapchat last year that would allow users to see your phone number if you were on Snapchat.

Check out one Snapchat user’s reaction to the Snappening in the video above.

The Snappening takes its name from two things: the “snap” in “Snapchat,” and the recent celeb photo hacking scandal, aka the Fappening. Many notable celebs, including Jennifer Lawrence, saw their private nude photos leaked during this scandal.

According to Forbes, some people initially believed the Snappening was a hoax. Now, however, it is believed to be very real. That being said, not all leaked photos in the Snappening are nude pics. Forbes writes:

“Hackers say the first bunch was from Europe and that the second bunch of 100,000 images will be coming from American users…Needless to say, if you are going to send nude photos, Snapchat is not the best option security-wise…The percentage [of stolen Snaps] that actually feature naughty bits will be low. Still, given the number of nude photo leaks at this point, it might be more embarrassing to have a stupid, ugly face you sent as a joke be public than a photo of you in your underwear.”

We’ll keep you posted with more info as this story develops.