Top 5 Best Android Phones of 2014

best android smartphone

Looking for a new Android phone? 2014 was a great year for new smartphones. Whether you’re looking for a premium, flagship device, or you want the best Android pre-paid phone, there’s something on this list that will appeal to you. Read on to see which Android smartphones we found particularly noteworthy this year.

1. HTC One (M8)

All New HTC One (M8) Scratch & Hammer Test!All New HTC One (M8) Scratch & Hammer Test! The All New HTC One (M8) Scratch & Hammer Test is meant to encapsulate everyday wear-and-tear to hardcore destruction. Our main goal was to destroy the phone and more destruction is on the way. How does All New HTC One (M8) Scratch & Hammer Test fair?…2014-03-25T16:25:52Z

The HTC One (M8) gets attacked by knives and a hammer in the torture test video above. See how it stands up to this grueling torture test.

The original HTC One from 2013 won a ton of awards, but the new-for-2014 HTC One (M8) is even better. Boasting an even sturdier construction, and improved user interface, and the same great commitment to elegant design, HTC’s new version of the One is a great smartphone. While some users dislike HTC’s unique approach to the camera, this phone remains one of the best Android phones out there.

Price: Starting at $0 with contract

Buy the HTC One M8 (on contract) here.

Buy the HTC One M8 (unlocked) here.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 50+ Tips & Tricks, Hidden Features & Gestures you 'Must Know'Galaxy Note 4 top 50 Tips & Tricks by Gadgets Portal! S6 EDGE tricks! Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest offering from the company and as expected, it has blown us away with its new and innovative features, gestures and tweaks. The purpose of this video isn't point out top 50 tricks that…2014-10-19T02:39:16Z

Want to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Check out this epic guide to all the hidden features and secret tricks hidden in the Note 4’s settings. The video above features over 50 awesome features, gestures and tweaks that make your Note 4 even cooler.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s main selling point is its large screen. It’s like having a small tablet in your pocket. The 5.7-inch Quad HD super AMOLED screen is designed to provide a sharp, clear picture. Plus, the large screen makes it easy to multi-task. Multi-window functionality is now located inside the recent key, which makes it easy to switch between apps.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has some nice battery features. There is a “fast charging mode,” which lets you from from zero percent battery life to 50 percent battery life in about 30 minutes. There are some cool sound features as well. The Note 4 can record noise from multiple directions in a room, and then play back the noise from selected directions as well. That means you could record a conversation with a group of people, and then replay just one person’s part of the conversation.

Throw in all the cool S-Pen functionality, along with the potential for media and gaming through the Note 4-only Samsung Gear VR, and this is one of the most notable phones of the year.

Price: Starting at $0 with contract

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (on contract) here.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (unlocked) here.

3. Motorola Moto X (2nd Generation 2014 Version)

VideoVideo related to top 5 best android phones of 20142014-12-15T23:08:28-05:00

Learn about the camera capabilities of the new Moto X in the video above.

The new Moto X launched earlier this year, and is the successor to last year’s Moto X. The 2014 Moto X has a 13MP F2.25 rear camera. The front camera is a 2MP, but it takes 1080p video. The Moto X comes in a 16GB version, as well as a 32GB Motomaker variant. The Moto X might appeal to you because it lacks the “bloatware” found on other Android phones.

Wondering how the new Moto X compares to the new Moto G? The new Moto X is .2 inches bigger than the new Moto G, and has double the RAM. The X has a 1080p OLED display, compared to a mere 720p display on the Moto G. Both phones run Android 4.4.4 KitKat. The two phones are nearly identical in weight, with the Moto G clocking in at 149g and the X clocking in at 144g.

Price: Starting at $0 with contract

Buy the new Moto X (on contract) here.

Buy the new Moto X (off contract) here.

4. Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z3: Hands-on First Look PreviewHere’s a first look at Sony’s new handset, the Sony Xperia Z3. YouTube: Subscribe: Website: Twitter: Facebook:

Check out the Z3 and Z3 compact in the video above.

With a 5.2-inch screen and two-day battery life, this waterproof smartphone is ideal for those who don’t want a huge screen on their phone. The Xperia Z3 has a higher megapixel rating (20.7 MP), and a lens that has a wider angle than the old Xperia Z2. This is a great phone for gamers, or for anyone who lives in a wet and rainy climate. The Xperia Z3 has a smaller screen than some of the other phones on this list (5.2-inches), but that’s not a bad thing for battery life. Sony claims that this phone has two-day battery life.

Price: Starting at $69.99 with contract

Buy the Sony Xperia Z3 (on contract) here.

Buy the Sony Xperia Z3 (unlocked) here.

5. LG Volt



So far, we’ve focused on flagship smartphones with a premium price tag. But 2014 was also a great year for lower-end Android phones, tailor-made for “pay as you go” plans. Launched this past spring, the LG Volt runs Android 4.4 KitKat. It has a 1.2 GHz quad core processor and a beefy 3000 mAh battery, which gives you up to 24 hours of talk time. If you’re looking for an Android experience that won’t break the bank, this is a great option to consider.

Price: $59.99 and up, depending on carrier

Buy the LG Volt pay-as-you-go phone here.

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