Edgy New App ‘Emo-Emoji’ Is Fun for Pop Culture Addicts



Emo-Emoji, the brainchild of internationally renowned artist Le Messie, is a new digital sticker app for iOS. The app contains shareable stickers inspired by pop culture references, with a heavy emphasis on making parodies out of today’s most happening events, including Kim Jong-Un, fashion designer and icon Karl Lagerfeld, and a mashup of My Little Pony with Kim Kardashian from her #breaktheinternet Paper Mag shoot. The app will be updated on a daily basis and the most current pop culture happenings will be turned into digital stickers in as little as 24 hours!

Mashup of My Little Pony and Kim Karadashian's Paper Mag photoshoot

Mashup of My Little Pony and Kim Karadashian’s Paper Mag photoshoot

One of the biggest stories of 2014 was the pop culture controversy surrounding Sony’s release of The Interview, a political satire created by Seth Rogen and James Franco where the two star as journalists hired by the US government to kill the North Korean dictator.

Despite being an obvious satire, The Interview ran into serious concerns related its release with terrorism threats from North Korea. Tension was high amidst the bombing threats and the Sony hack but one company did something truly unique: making a satire of the situation using digital stickers.

“Our content is completely original, updated on a daily basis and heavily inspired by present and iconic pop culture,” says Le Messie. “No one has yet to do this, and we aren’t afraid of controversy. We’re going to be as edgy as we can get away with under Apple.”

Kim Jong-Un as PSY over Sony's Playstation

Kim Jong-Un as PSY over Sony’s Playstation

The app launched yesterday morning on the App Store. That app launch coincided with Emo-Emoji debuting its apparel brand at Agenda Long Beach, a premier fashion trade show focused on streetwear, action sports, and lifestyle genre. Emo-Emoji was selected among all brands as the number one featured brand to watch. Grammy Winner Rapper and Producer Lupe Fiasco, attended Agenda in support of his long time friend and collaborator Le Messie on this new venture.


Emo-Emoji aims to troll pop culture icons and today’s current events. The app uses satire to inspire conversations about everyday topics, both serious and not. It combines the best of pop culture with today’s most discussed subjects to liven any text or Internet conversation.

You can download this app here.

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