Case-Mate S5 Emerge Case: The Photos You Need to See

There's a lot to like about the Case-Mate Emerge case design. This case, which is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5, is ideal for people who want a case that is easy to grip, but still very attractive. The textured, web-like finish on this case makes it easy to grip, even with hands that are tired, cold, or just a bit clammy. The case is lightweight, but it's not a lightweight in the protection department. The Emerge case was designed to disperse shock in the event of a drop or other impact. The metallic button accents add a little bit of personality to this design. The only major downside here is the fact that this case does not ship with a screen protector. If you want one, we recommend either the bargain Spigen screen protector, or the more robust GLAS.tR NANO SLIM protector.

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