PHOTOS: Incipio Watson Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Shopping for a new Galaxy S5 case? There are tons of options out there, and we've rounded up 25 of our favorite S5 cases in another article. If you are thinking about getting a wallet-style case for your S5, Incipio is a company worth looking into. Incipio is a trusted manufacturer of cases for all kinds of smartphones, but the Watson Folio wallet case model is especially noteworthy. The Incipio Watson wallet case is a great option because it comes in a variety of colors, and has more storage areas than some other case brands out there. It can be hard to find a good wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy S5, but the Watson Folio stands out because of its eco-friendly vegan leather construction. Click through our gallery to see every color option for the Incipio Watson folio wallet case that's available for the S5, as well as all of the different angles this case has been photographed from. Additionally, you might want to check out our guide to the best S5 wallet cases.

To buy the Incipio Watson case for the S5, click here.

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