Top 5 Best New Android Puzzle Games of January 2015

Words on Tour

Puzzler games usually own the mobile gaming landscape. Android users have a ton of awesome games to choose from that adopt the match three mechanics sported in games such as Candy Crush Saga. For January 2015, five great puzzlers hit the Google Play store and they’re definitely worth the hours frustration you’re going to feel when you play its toughest stages. You might as well charge up your Android device to 100-percent, because you’re going to be spending a ton of time figuring out the tricks of the trade to these great puzzle games.

1. Words on Tour

You’ll have to make your way across some of the most scenic location in the world with this new take on Words with FriendsWords on Tour. Juts like its excellent predecessor, you’ll be asked to mash words together in different spaces and discover hidden items that lead you to huge scores. The locales you’ll travel to take you all over the world and you’ll grow addicted as you top your friends’ scores.

Download it here.

2. Garden Fever

This match three puzzler ditches the candies and baked goods you’re used to and provides you with cutesy fruits and vegetables. There’s a wide array of healthy produce to match as you navigate across hundreds of colorful levels. Like most mobile puzzlers out there, you have to make the most of the moves given to you while you create huge combos, make good use of your unlocked boosters and match up a farm full of fruits.

Download it here.

3. Puzzle Pets

Puzzle Pets adopts the match three puzzle formula and drops in a wealth of cute animals. With 126 levels to grow addicted to, there’s plenty of ways you can discover how to navigate each stage. Special events are always present for super competitive players, so there’s always something to do in this puzzler. You’ll also want to make sure you’re prepared to take down the tough boss battles that come your way.

Download it here.

4. Candy Blast Mania Valentines

Instead of your traditional candies you’ll have to match up, you’re given the chance to play around with Valentine’s Day inspired sweets. This new visual makeover also comes with a wonderful array of loving tunes, over 800 levels of puzzle play, new hub worlds and more opportunities to explore new stages. The best way to get prepared for V-Day? We think it involves stopping the heartless Bear King in Candy Blast Mania Valentines.

Download it here.

5. Dessert Dash

Like Bubble Witch Saga 2, Dessert Dash takes you across a large variety of colorful worlds as you pop bubbles. You’ll travel throughout over 80 levels with Dessert Bear and utilize the puzzle solving powers of delicious treats. Shoot your bubbles in the right spaces, pull off amazing point building combos and help out all the fairies that need saving.

Download it here.