Top 5 Best Cases & Covers for the iPad Air & iPad Air 2

ipad air cases

Need a cover to protect your iPad Air or iPad Air 2? There are a lot of options out there, and it can be hard to find the best case for your unique needs. Some cases are waterproof, while others hide clever spaces for extra storage. Here are some great iPad Air and iPad Air 2 cases to choose from.

1. Logitech Ultrathin Magnetic Keyboard Cover for iPad Air & Air 2

ipad air case


Both the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 versions of this case are made of high-grade aluminum, and are just a mere 6.4mm thick. These keyboards boast iOS shortcuts for faster, more accurate typing. Unlike some other tablet cases out there, the keys here give you an actual “click” when you’re typing, which gives you a more laptop-like feel. The case has a magnetic closure to keep your iPad Air securely protected.

Price: $54.99 for iPad Air case, $79.99 for iPad Air 2 case

Buy the iPad Air version of this case here.

Buy the iPad Air 2 version of this case here.

2. Speck iPad Air iGuy Freestanding Case

ipad air case


Looking for an unusual iPad Air case? This “iGuy” case is freestanding, and the perfect accessories for people who need to use their iPad as a display or media stand during the day. The whimsical design of this iPad Air case makes it perfect for sharing your iPad with the kids, or simply placing the iPad on your desk during the work day. The tough EVA foam protects the case from bumps, while also being easy for tiny hands to grip. Whether you have kids or just a quirky sense of style, this is a solid case to add to your collection.

Price: $39.95

Buy the iPad Air version of this case here.

Buy the iPad Air 2 version of this case here.

3. LifeProof Nuud Case for iPad Air

lifeproof iPad air case


LifeProof is one of the most respected names in iOS device accessories. We’ve repeatedly recommended the LifeProof line of cases for your new iPhone. If you already have an iPhone with a LifeProof case, you can see the appeal of getting a LifeProof case for your iPad Air. These cases are waterproof, snow proof, shock proof, and pretty much make it impossible for even dust to get at your device. Unlike the Fre case, which has a built-in screen protector, the Nuud series keeps your device watertight, but without that clumsy screen protector. If touchscreen sensitivity and waterproofing are equally important to you, then this is the best case option out there.

The iPad Air 2 version of this case is coming soon.

Price: $79.99 (38 percent off)

Buy the iPad Air version of this case here.

Find out when the iPad Air 2 version of this case will come out here.

4. Apple iPad Air Smart Case

ipad air case


The Smart Case is a classic design. It can be rolled up to create a stand. It’s versatile, lightweight, and available in lots of different colors. While it is a bit expensive, especially for a case that is not waterproof, the Smart Case is still one of the most popular cases out there. The Smart Case wakes the iPad Air when opened, and puts it to sleep when you close it.

Price: $79

Buy the iPad Air version of this case here.

Buy the iPad Air 2 version of this case here.

5. i-Blason Apple iPad Air Case

ipad air case


This cool iPad Air case from i-Blason is made from faux leather, and has some handy interior pockets. The case is available in multiple colors and patterns, so you can find something that perfectly suits your personality. This iPad Air case has an auto wake/sleep function, a spot to hold your stylus, and two card slots for storing ID cards, credit cards, or business cards. The case also has a built-in elastic hand strap to help you carry your iPad Air more securely.

Price: $14.95

Buy the iPad Air version of this case here.

Buy the iPad Air 2 version of this case here.

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