10 Best Apple Watch Apps

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After much anticipation, the Apple Watch is finally available to the public. Now you too can talk to your wrist like James Bond. It wouldn’t be an Apple product without the ability to download apps. A smartwatch would seem silly if you couldn’t check your Facebook or find cool restaurant nearby. There aren’t a ton of apps out yet for the device but these are the ten that look promising. After you’ve stood in line for eight hours at the Apple store, head home and download some of these new and exciting apps.

1. Adobe Creative Canvas

Apple watch apps, adobe creative commons

Often creative ideas come when you’re on the go, not sitting in an office. Adobe formatted three of its apps to work with the Apple Watch so you can make your ideas come to life while you’re on the bus or eating lunch. Behance allows you to look through people’s portfolios on the go. Now get daily notifications, stats and control a presentation via Apple Play all from your wrist. For those looking for color, use Color CC. Walk down the street and the app will display color profiles around you. Add these to your library so you can access them and use them later. The last one is Creative Cloud. Monitor activity in the commons, talk to clients and respond to comments on the go.

2. Nike+ Running

Apple Watch Apps, Nike Plus Running App

The biggest problem with the Nike+ Running app on the iPhone is that you still need a sensor to pick up on your movements. Pair it with your watch and get distance, pace and duration information as you’re running. Holding a phone can hinder your movements, but now you can keep it in your pocket and glance down at your wrist. You can even connect with Bluetooth and listen to music wirelessly, freeing you up completely to run your best.

Apple Watch Apps, ESPN app

Never miss a score or big play with the ESPN app. Select your favorite teams and get real-time updates on who is up to bat or who made that last three-pointer. Taking your phone our of your pocket to look at updates can be frustrating, but glancing down at your wrist makes for an efficient and easy way to stay in the know.

4. Expedia

Apple Watch Apps, Expedia app

Traveling is stressful but being able to access your itinerary directly from your watch will make it easier. Expedia will show you terminals, gate numbers and if your flight is on time. You’re also covered when you land at your location. The app will give you hotel ratings, locations, phone numbers and check-in and out times. You’ll always be prepared if you have your watch on hand, no pun intended.

5. Citymapper

Apple Watch Maps, Citymapper Apps
Expedia gives you information about airports, but Citymapper will help you get around on the ground. The app uses your location to figure out where you are and what public transportation is around you. Receive step-by-step instructions on how to get to the nearest bus stop, as well as the next three arrival times. It doesn’t just let you get on the bus and fend for yourself, it will send you a reminder when you are approaching your stop.

6. Twitter

Apple Watch Apps, Twitter App

Twitter is meant to be used on the go, and nothing makes it as easy as the Apple Watch. Check what’s trending, look at notifications and even write tweets using dictation. You won’t have to take your phone out to stay on top of what’s trending in the world.

7. Sky Guide

Apple Watch Apps, Sky Guide app

If you are interested in the cosmos and space, download Sky Guide. Look at a calendar at upcoming astrological events so you never miss an eclipse or meteor shower. You can set up notifications about when the International Space Station is flying over your area and even get the chance to tweet an astronaut.

8. PayByPhone

Apple Watch Apps, PaybyPhone App

Running to plug your meter from a restaurant or shop is extremely stressful. Download PayByPhone and get notifications ten minutes before you’re meter is about to run out and pay directly on your watch. You’ll never risk getting a parking ticket again.

9. BoxPop

Apple Watch Apps, BoxPop app

GPS apps are great and very helpful, but you have to have some fun in your life. Download this easy but addicting game and never worry about sitting in a waiting room with nothing to do. Pop boxes in L-shaped configurations and go through up to 40 different levels.

10. Fandango

Apple Watch Apps, Fandango app

Though you can’t buy your ticket from the watch app, it will help you get to your movie on time. After you’ve purchased it, the app notifies you when you’re movie is starting as well as the theater’s address and phone number. Never miss a movie again.

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