Top 5 Best New Free Android Games of April 2015

Yahtzee with Buddies

This month’s selection of free Android mobile games is awesome as usual. We came across a mobile take on a classic board game, an action packed top down hack and slasher, a superhero filled beat ’em up and more. These free mobile games cover a wide gamut of genres and are perfect for gamers of all skill levels. It’s time you download these free Android games ASAP and enjoy some mobile fun without having to drop down some digital cash.

1. YAHTZEE With Buddies

Yahtzee with Buddies Android2015-04-08T21:40:00Z

YAHTZEE! Chances are high that you’ve probably heard that catchphrase yelled out during intense sessions of this classic board game. This isn’t some spinoff game created by another mobile game developer; this is the officially licensed rendition of the board game. The classic rules apply, custom dice are available for play, online multiplayer ups the fun factor and daily challenges keep every round of Yahtzee with Buddies fresh. It’s time to express your Yahtzee mastery through digital means on your Android mobile device now.

Download it here.

2. Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion – Never Lose Hope Android GamePlay #1 (1080p)FOR MORE TOP&BEST ANDROID GAMES 2015 GAMEPLAYS, GO TO: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: ALSO GOOGLE+: Bringing AAA console gaming experience to mobile devices. Twenty years after the fall of Earth, the remnants of the Human race are once again faced with extinction. The time has come to justify our existence. A mysterious…2015-04-17T06:05:19Z

Taking a look at Implosion – Never Lose Hope will give you the impression that you’re viewing a console worthy game. The fact that this AAA-looking experience is available and playable on a mobile Android device is incredible to see. You’ll pull off some flashy moves and cut through all manner’s of alien adversaries. The game’s cool mix of Halo’s are design and Devil May Cry’s combo heavy gameplay makes this action game worth downloading. Hop into your War-Mech series III battle suit and deal damage to anyone in your way. The free version allows you to play from mission 1-1 through 1-6.

Download it here.

3. Marvel Mighty Heroes

Marvel Mighty Heroes – Android Gameplay HDFOR MORE ANDROID GAMES Greetings, True Believer! It’s time to suit up! The Universe is under siege by the forces of evil and it’s up to you to assemble a team of your favorite Marvel heroes or villains and defend the world from complete destruction! No true hero can ever do it alone, so…2015-02-28T21:31:16Z

Marvel Mighty Heroes transforms your favorite Stan Lee branded superheroes into cute but still dangerous brawlers. This mobile beat ’em up lets you unlock and build up a huge collection of heroes to handle the many baddies and bosses in their way. Not only do you get to control members of The Avengers, you’ll take on the roles of other characters such as Doctor Strange and Black Panther. The real-time multiplayer skirmishes and events based on Marvel comic book miniseries makes this game the perfect ode to Marvel geeks and nerds alike.

Download it here.

4. DomiNations

DomiNations: Conquer Nations Like A Pro!Looking for an edge? DomiNations Lead Designer John Hawkins shares his nation-conquering strategies with you in this sneak peek at multiplayer battle. DomiNations releases worldwide in April. Sign up now to get the app download link emailed to you directly (no spam, we promise!):

A mobile strategy game of this ilk is backed by a serious talent in the gaming industry – Brian Reynolds (Civilization II and Rise of Nations). So you know DomiNations is a quality experience that harkens back to the glory days of PC strategy games. Players will choose their nation at the outset, advance through the many stages of history, build up their army and enter alliances to dominate their opponents. You’ll want to spend some serious time with DomiNations and craft the domineering dynasty needed to claim the whole world.

Download it here.

5. Criminal Case

Criminal Case Android

Fans of old school PC adventure games will certainly enjoy their time with Criminal Case. As a new member of the game’s Grimsborough police force, you’ll be tasked with solving a large number of murder cases. Your deduction skills will be put to the test as you spot hidden objects, interrogate potential witnesses and figure out the cause of the current crime at hand. This game’s mixture of I Spy elements and co-op crime solving mechanics brings Criminal Case’s replay value to an all-time high.

Download it here.

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