Apple Maps: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Apple made a lot of announcements last week at its Worldwide Developer’s Conference, but one of the most exciting was an update to Apple Maps. Since its creation, the app trailed behind Google maps. Sometimes giving out wrong directions, or not identifying the correct address at all, users tended to opt for the alternative, so an update is incredibly exciting. The changes could make the app just as easy to use as Google Maps.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Apple Maps will have transit options

apple maps, google maps, transit, siri

Finally, you will be able to access public transit schedules all around the city. Find the nearest stops and stations to you, and figure out how long it will take by bus or train. This will be a slow roll out only working in Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington D.C. for now. As soon as the app gets going, more will be added.

2. Calculate when to leave using the Arrive By feature

apple maps, google maps, siri, transit schedule

Plug in when you want to get to a certain place and the app will tell you exactly when to leave taking into account traffic conditions. Also look at Depart By to see when traffic will be the lightest.

3. Navigate your way around subway stations

apple maps, transit, google maps, siri

Getting to the subway station is one thing, but finding the right platform can be incredibly difficult. The new Apple Maps will allow you to look underground and see directions to exactly where you need to be. Never miss a train again.

4. Siri will be able to give you directions

apple maps, free apps, google maps, siri

Tell your phone exactly where to go and Siri will begin giving you directions. This will make for a safer driving experience, and you’ll feel like you have an assistant.

5. Apple is sending out cars to get footage around the world

apple apps, google maps, siri

The company is sending cars out to get photographic data to pair with Maps. This will allow for a live view which will make finding certain buildings or landmarks much easier. The company will send cars to Ireland, England and the US in during June 15-30. Look at the full list of cities to see if you should be ready to smile for the camera.

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