Apple Pencil: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Apple pencil


Apple launched its first pencil stylus at the company’s September 9 event. The pencil is designed to be used with the iPad Pro.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. The pencil will recharge through a Lightening port connected to the iPad Pro. According to Apple’s Phil Schiller, it will retail at $99 in the U.S. Users will be able to use the pencil on all iOS 9 apps. It will allow Apple customers to take advantage of the new iOS multi-tasking features. Tech Crunch refers to it as the iPad Pro’s “secret weapon.”

2. Way back in 2007, Steve Jobs told the world of his plans to rid the world of external cell phone tools. He did so at the 2007 iPhone launch. At the time, Jobs argued that the best stylus was the human finger.

3. Previously Apple stores were selling FiftyThree’s pencil stylus which could be used through bluetooth with iPads.

4. Apple’s rival, Samsung, had used their marketing resources to openly mock Apple’s attempts at branching into the pencil/stylus market.

5. Also announced at the September 9 event was Apple’s Smart Keyboard, which is designed to work with the iPad Pro.