Is Real or Fake? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The homepage looks very similar to the old homepage for YTS. It even claims to be the new domain for YTS/YIFY, but it’s not. (

The domain was recently registered and has quickly climbed in its Alexa ranking. The website advertises itself as the new official domain for YTS. However, the operator of YTS shut down his services permanently after reaching a settlement with the MPAA. According to TorrentFreak, So where did come from?

Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Homepage Says It’s the New YTS Location, And It Used to Have a Blog Post Signed With the Name of the Operator

yts seraph

The homepage for, along with its logo, looks exactly like the old website and logo. In fact, if you go to the homepage, a note in blue currently reads: “IMPORTANT: YTS.AG is the new domain for YTS/YIFY.” Originally, clicking on the link took you to a blog post from November 5, which can you read in the screenshot above. The message started with the headline: “YTS.AG is the new domain for YTS/YIFY.” Then it read, in part:

On March 21, 2015 YIFY-Torrents changed its already changed domain YTS.RE to YTS.TO and now is the time for a second change. YTS.TO domain has been discounted and is no longer accessible, so we are switching to YTS.AG, our new domain name for YIFY Torrents.”

The message was signed “Seraph.” If you visit the November 5 blog post now, it’s signed “William” instead.

Seraph is the username given to the one of the people in charge of the original YTS/YIFY, who handled administrative matters, according to Softpedia. OTTO was the username given to another person who took over encoding and uploading. Seraph and OTTO were on the YIFY staff and then took over in 2014 after the original developer, who called himself YIFI, stepped down. By initially signing the blog post with “Seraph,” it appeared like was created by the same person who ran the original YTS. But it wasn’t.

2. After TorrentFreak Posted About, the Website Changed Its Blog Post to Say It Was Just Trying to Capture YTS Files And Webstyles for Fans

This is the original YTS logo, which the new logo looks exactly like. (YTS)

TorrentFreak posted a long article here revealing that had no affiliation with the original YTS, despite what its website said at the time. Hundreds of thousands of visitors had already gone to the new site, believing it to be the old YTS since they used the name “Seraph.” According to TorrentFreak, YTS also contacted several popular torrent sites, wanting their new site’s torrents to be released there. In the email, however, acknowledged that they couldn’t reach the original YTS team.

Many of the torrent website operators have chosen so far not to work with TorrentFreak reported that it talked to groups including RARBG, ExtraTorrent, and KickassTorrents, who said they chose not to work with because they believed the site was wrongly using the YTS brand and possibly misleading people. is disputing this assertion, saying that the operators aren’t working with because they mistakenly believe the site is connected to EZTV. (See Fact #4 below.)

After the report on TorrentFreak was made, changed several things on their website. The original blog post was changed from being signed by Seraph to being signed by William. And they redirected the promotion on their homepage to a new blog post that explained they were not the original YTS team. You can read that post here. Essentially, they said that is an effort to get back the old YTS webstyle and restore YIFY releases. The blog said they took action to get YIFY releases back out to the public and salvage YIFY data. They found the data through Google cache,, Kickass copies, and other sources. They wrote:

An answer to all the negative allegations made to our team: YES, YTS.AG is the closest thing that anybody can get to being the REAL website for new the YIFY group releases. Unfortunately, classic YIFY releases are no more…”

3. Any Website Using the YTS Name Is Not Associated With the Old YTS Site

Chris Dodd, chairman and CEO of the MPAA, attended CinemaCon, on April, 21, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The MPAA reached a settlement with the operator of (Getty)

A number of sites not related to YTS tried to profit from the downfall of the old site, by using its name in various forms. All of them are fake, TorrentFreak has told Heavy. (You can see the full story here.)

The Motion Picture Association of America, whose chairman and president is former US Senator Chris Dodd (pictured above), brought about the shutdown of by filing a lawsuit in New Zealand. The operator of, whose name is still anonymous, reached a settlement with the MPAA. This reminds many people of what happened to the MovieTube site, which was also shut down after a lawsuit from the MPAA. You can read more about that here:

4. TorrentFreak Said Was Associated With EZTV, But Says This Is Not True

This is from the original YTS homepage, which looks almost just like the homepage pictured at the beginning of this article. (

TorrentFreak reported that the new site may be connected to the people who took over EZTV in early 2015. However, says this is not true.

EZTV was a leading distribution group for almost a decade, but it was shut down after facing a hostile takeover. To make a long story short, a group bought EZTV’s domain while it was temporarily unregistered, then faked being EZTV to take over the main domain and lock the owners out of their accounts, TorrentFreak reported.

The website advertises on its homepage with an announcement that reads: “YTS YIFY Movie Torrents website is up again!” However, stated on its blog that it is only paying EZTV for an advertisement and is not associated with EZTV in any other way.

5. YTS/YIFY Is Gone Forever After a Lawsuit from the MPAA

YIFY, YTS gone

YIFY and YTS are gone permanently after reaching a settlement with the MPAA. (YIFY) is not the original YTS, but some people on Reddit forums say it still works to some extent. And International Business Times reported that it’s reuploading many old YIFY titles. However, these will likely become more targets of the MPAA because any services on the site are not legal. You can legally access TV shows and movies by paying for services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu.

The original YTS is permanently shut down and the domain has been transferred to the MPAA.

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