Where to Buy Samsung Gear VR: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

where to get samsung gear vr

You can still get the Samsung Gear VR from Samsung’s online store and T-Mobile. (Samsung)

The Samsung Gear VR just recently went on sale and it’s already sold out on Amazon and Best Buy. The tech is getting rave reviews and is heralding a new age in consumer tech. If you didn’t pre-order the highly anticipated tech gear, which is powered by Oculus, you can still get it, but your options on where to buy it are limited.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Samsung’s Website Still Has a Few

The Gear VR was listed as available on Samsung’s website for $99, but reports are conflicting. It may not be immediately available, since the site says that the product will ship in 7 to 10 days. If you give it a try, remember that some people who pre-ordered the Gear from Samsung actually had their orders canceled, Inquisitr reported. A commenter below has also said that after he paid for the Gear, he received a message from Samsung that the Gear products were out of stock and his money would be held until they got more in.

2. Higher Priced ‘Used’ Versions Are Showing up on Amazon

Samsung Gear where to buy

You can get a higher-priced version that’s resold on Amazon. (Amazon)

The Samsung Gear VR is only temporarily out of stock on Amazon, but according to a Reddit thread, some people in Amazon customer service are saying it won’t be back in stock until January. It’s unclear at this time if those estimation are accurate. At the time of publication, a “used” version is currently listed for sale on Amazon for $179.99, which is a hefty price increase from $99. If you’re interested in one of these higher-priced Gears that consumers are reselling, then just visit the Amazon Gear page periodically and look for a used version to be listed at the bottom of the description section.

If you already ordered a regular-priced Gear VR on Amazon but it’s on backorder, you can cancel the order after you find it at another retailer where it’s in stock.

3. Mobile Retailers Are Also Selling the Gear and a Few May Have It Available for In-Store Pickup

You can also get the VR tech from a number of mobile retailers. T-Mobile has it online here including free shipping. Some people on Reddit reported that the site is sometimes slow to load and may take awhile to add the product to your cart. A customer service representative confirmed with a Redditor that the site will show the item is backordered if they no longer have it in stock. At the time of publication, the site was working quickly.

A few AT&T stores actually have the Gear available for in-store pickup, including a store in Boston, Reddit reported. But right now, it’s completely sold out online for AT&T.

4. You Can Get Really Expensive Ones on eBay

where to buy samsung gear

The older Innovator Samsung Gears have photos that show the strap going over your head rather than behind it. (Samsung)

If you can’t find the Gear in stock anywhere and absolutely can’t wait until it’s back, a few enterprising people are selling it for a very high premium on eBay. Just search Samsung Gear VR and you’ll find it. This seller, for example, is selling it for $259, a huge increase over $99. But make sure you’re getting the new consumer version and not the older “Innovator” versions that were essentially beta testers. You can tell because in the promo photos for the newer version, they show the strap going behind the Gear VR. In the promo photos for the older version, the strap is shown going over your head. The older versions are called Innovators.

5. Reviews for the VR Headsets are Mostly Positive

Reviews for the new VR gear are stellar. TechCrunch reported that it’s the “window into the future” and marks the first time that virtual reality is truly a reality. Although some experiences were shrug worthy, it’s overall a huge leap forward. VentureBeat wasn’t as impressed, saying they enjoyed it but wouldn’t recommend someone who doesn’t already own a Samsung buying the phone just to use the headset. CNet thought the headset was great for a mobile version and gives a compelling VR experience. But the publication expects upcoming console-based and PC-based VR to be better.

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