What Are Uber Love & Other Uber Valentine’s Specials?

uber love

Uber is offering multiple promotions for Uber Love and Uber Valentines. (Getty)

What is Uber Love? What are the Uber Valentine’s promotions? If you opened your Uber app and saw that there’s a third option for “Uber LOVE” in addition to uber x and uber XL, you may be a little confused. What is the “love” option for? Why are some cars in red? It’s a little confusing because Uber hasn’t been advertising this feature everywhere.

Here’s what you need to know.

In Some Regions, Uber LOVE Is a Sweepstakes for a Free Getaway

According to an Uber discussion forum, UberLOVE is a special Valentine’s themed promotion. People who book through LOVE, at UberX rates, will be entered into a sweepstakes to win a domestic getaway. Three couples will be chosen to win. It’s part of a ride-to-win promotion and the winners will get a cruise in a private jet, a stay at a fancy hotel, a $2,500 shopping spree, and a candelit dinner. The original email about the event said it would only be on February 12 and the winners must take their trip on February 13 to 14. The sweepstakes wasn’t available everywhere and it’s unclear if the option will continue over Valentine’s weekend.

On Valentine’s Weekend, Some Drivers Will Have Flowers and Chocolates

Some drivers will have flowers and chocolates to randomly give to passengers on Valentine’s weekend. It’s not clear at this time which drivers will have that option or if they will be set apart on the Uber app by being in a different color, such as red. Some cities are also letting people book Uber to deliver chocolates or other goodies to loved ones. In Toronto, drivers with high ratings can sign up to give a dozen roses to their passengers.

Other countries are going all out for Uber Love. In some places in India, like Indore, you can use the Uber app between 2 and 4 pm, choose the Uber Valentine option, and get a special gift for free or have a gift sent to someone in the area. In Mexico, a special code such as uber19s94 can be used to send Hershey Kisses to someone. Uber Cost Rica is doing something similar.

The hashtag #UberLove and #UberKisses is being used on Twitter to showcase people who have taken advantage of those fun Valentine’s options.

You Can Also Send Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts on Uber

Don’t despair if you haven’t gotten a last-minute Valentine’s gift. Uber covers that too. In Manhattan, a lingerie company called Naja is teaming up with Uber to send last-minute lingerie gifts. You can also send last-minute chocolates or flowers through Uber’s on-demand delivery service, called UberRUSH. This is only available in certain regions, like San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City.

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