Is Yahoo Mail Down?

yahoo mail down

Yahoo Mail is down again. (Getty)

Yahoo Mail has been experiencing quite a few problems lately, and it looks like the service is down yet again. Users across the world are reporting problems logging in or getting Yahoo to accept their correct passwords. What’s going on?

Here’s what you need to know.

The Problem Started Monday, Was Briefly Solved, And Is Now Back

It looks like Yahoo Mail is down again. According to Down Detector, the problems started spiking on Monday:

yahoo mail

Down Detector’s report on Yahoo Mail. (Down Detector)

But as of early Thursday morning, the problems are even worse:

Yahoo Mail

(Down Detector)

Down Right Now confirms the issue and has labeled it a “likely service disruption”:

Is Yahoo down? (

The Main Problems Involve Logging In and Getting a Password to Work

The main reported problems are with the log-in for Yahoo Mail. Users are also reporting that Yahoo isn’t accepting their correct passwords. As of early Thursday morning, problems are still being reported.

Yahoo’s Customer Care Twitter page reported earlier this week that some users were experiencing login and speed issues, and the company was investigating and working on finding a resolution.

Later, Yahoo reported that the problem was caused by a third party cable cut but they are now reporting that this particular issue with Yahoo Mail was fixed.

But now it’s not working again. Yahoo Care reported late Wednesday night that it was receiving reports of sign-in issues and was looking into the problem:

Here’s Who to Contact If You’re Still Having Problems with Yahoo Mail

Users aren’t happy about the frequent issues:

If you’re having problems logging in, you can send a tweet to Yahoo’s Customer Care for help. If you see anything about a Yahoo Support phone number, that number is a hoax or spam. Yahoo emphasized on its Customer Care account that it does not have a phone number publicly posted.

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