DJI Mavic PRO Announced: Here’s How to Pre-order Now

DJI Mavic Pro pre-order

DJI has announced their latest addition to their impressive line of RC drones, as they’ve just announced and detailed the DJI Mavic PRO this afternoon at an event.

Most notable about the brand new DJI Mavic PRO drone is, first, the fact that it has a ridiculously long range of 4.3 miles (7km) which was previously unheard of in the consumer drones market. What’s more, the brand new DJI Mavic PRO also brings DJI drones to their highest speed ever with a Sport Mode that allows for speeds of up to 40.6mph (65km/h) — clearly, DJI hasn’t forgotten about the fun factor of flying drones.

DJI mavic PRO drone specs

What’s also incredible about the new DJI Mavic PRO is that it comes in an incredibly small package, as it’s foldable down to 83mm x 83mm x 198mm. It weighs just 743g.

The Mavic PRO will also allow you to track, follow, fly parallel to, or orbit spotlight ANY chosen subject — a person, a dog, a car, or anything else. It also has what’s called a Terrain Following System that will allow it to keep itself the same height from the ground wherever it goes.

As far as the camera is concerned, it comes standard with a 4K stabilized camera that uses a 3-axis gimbal. It allows users to shoot in full 4K resolution at 30fps, taking stills at 12 megapixels. It also has Tripod Mode which will slow the drone down for precise photos when you need to snap the perfect photo. What’s more, you can also control it with your smartphone, allowing you to take quick dronies without having to worry about the controller. In fact, you can have your drone take a photo by simply waving at it while it’s pointing at you.

In fact, you can fly the drone entirely with just your smartphone (in Parrot BeBop fashion). It has a TapFly function, too, which allows you to simply tap your screen to tell it where to fly so that you can solely focus on controlling the gimbal for photos.

After snapping photos and recording footage, users can then edit their content more easily than ever with the DJI Go Editor, which includes sharing it instantly on all of the popular social networks.

DJI mavic pro folded

The DJI Mavic PRO has 24 high-performance computing cores with 5 vision sensors and an all-new transmission system. The Mavic Pro flight time is tapped out at 27 minutes, but extra batteries are small and can easily be switched out. It also has internet connectivity, of course, but for the first time ever, it’ll impressively alert you when you fly into restricted or regulated airspace.

The new DJI drone also has FlightAutomony Technology, allowing it to precisely hover in more environments than ever before, as well as land in the exact same spot that it took off from. The new technology also allows the Mavic Pro to see obstacles from as far away as 49ft in front of it, so even at 22mph it can avoid what it sees without crashing into it.

The price has been set at an MSRP of $749 without the remote control (OcuSync Transmission System), and $999 with the remote.

DJI is taking Mavic PRO preorders starting right now on Amazon, and they’ll ship on October 15th. The DJI Mavic Pro will also be available in stores on November 2nd.

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