Best iPhone Camera Lens for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+

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The iPhone 7 camera packs a lot of punch (Getty)

For anyone looking to take their iPhone photography to the next level, there are some amazing and affordable options. While some of our favorites are kits and others are single lenses, each and every one allows one to get different looks from their iPhone camera. The Olloclip (number one on our list) offers a jack of all trades option, but the Moment lenses (two and three) offers iPhone 7 Plus owners top-of-the-line optics and quality that many find comparable to a DSLR. Number four and five on our list are two kits that will lets uses get a variety of looks with solid-quality optics and at excellent prices.

Here are our top five choices for iPhone 7 and 7+ lenses in order of highest to lowest price.

1. OlloClip Case and Core Lens (iPhone 7)

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Including a macro, fisheye, and wide-angle lens, this Olloclip lens kit and case allows one to capture almost anything they’d want with their iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. The fisheye lens offers a one of a kind 180 degree spherical effect. Meantime, the wide angle offers a GoPro-ish 120 degrees. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Macro lens allows you to zoom in close, at 15 times normal to get into the nitty gritty of tiny things. There are a few negatives, namely that this kit can scratch one’s phone if they’re not careful; it’s designed to be used with an iPhone 7 without any extra sort of screen protection or anything else that would affect its physical size.

Price: $119.99

Buy the OlloClip Case and Core Lens here.

Olloclip Macro iphone 7

(via Flickr, Doug Butchy)


  • Praised for its versatility and high-quality images
  • Makes iPhone 7 or 7+ pictures in the same league as a beginner DSLR
  • Users love the macro lens
  • Durable and high quality construction


  • Some users have issues with lenses scratching phone, but this doesn’t happen with the case
  • Some users underwhelmed by level of improvement
  • Some users had issues with the fish-eye lens being slightly cut off
  • Cannot work with phone that has any kind of screen protector or other things that affect phone’s physical size

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2. Moment Macro (iPhone 7+ Lens)

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While it’s only for the iPhone 7 Plus, the Moment Macro lens offers unparalleled optical quality and magnification. It includes a mounting plate, microfiber bag, and offers users a 12-month warranty, so you know your purchase is safe. Moment lenses are loved by users and even recommended by the Wall Street Journal. For anyone looking to take close-up pictures of tiny creatures like bugs, interesting textures, plant life, or any other parts of our world that just look plain interesting up-close, the Moment lens offers a pricey but valuable way to do so.

Price: $79.99

Buy the Moment Macro (iPhone 7+ Lens) here.

Moment Macro iPhone 7+

(Image via flickr, Golly G Force)


  • 10x magnification with excellent optical quality
  • Includes 12 month manufacturer warranty
  • Includes bag and mounting plate
  • Praised for its high detail photographs


  • One user struggled to make lens focus
  • iPhone 7 Plus only
  • Might be overkill for some users

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3. Moment Fisheye (iPhone 7+ Lens)

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The Moment fisheye lens is the opposite of the lens above it; while a macro lens sees things extremely up close, this fisheye lens lets one get a wide-angle view unlike few others, capturing up to 170 degrees. Moment calls this insane wide angle the, “Superfish.” Users love its superb build quality and the pictures it lets one take. It boasts great craftsmanship, enduring build quality, and a mountain plate for straightforward removal and access.

Price: $79.99

Buy the Moment Fisheye (iPhone 7+ Lens) here.

Moment: Superfish Lens – The Best Mobile Photography Lens In The WorldMOMENT SUPERFISH LENS – The Best Mobile Photography/Videography Lens in the World Check it our here – WAY MORE PICTURE The Superfish Lens is the widest lens we make and you’ll instantly notice the dramatic difference when mounting it to your phone. Tight scenes won’t be cut off, landscapes will appear larger than life,…2017-05-16T20:19:06.000Z


  • Praised as movie quality fisheye lens
  • 12 month warranty and microfiber bag
  • High quality build, users are fans of its photographs
  • Top quality iPhone lens


  • Does not include lens cap
  • Fisheye can be tiring to watch long videos of

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4. Moonlight HD Lens (iPhone 7)

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This high quality lens kit by PAIAIP is praised as versatile and has solid quality. Of course, the photographs aren’t nearly as clean optically as Moment lenses, but for most people, these lenses should suffice to give your pictures a different look. Another perk of this lens kit is that it’s compatible with most phones, not just the iPhone 7. Note: It is not compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus. This kit includes a 3x telephoto lens, a macro lens, a wide angle, and an even wider fisheye lens.

Price: $42.99 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Moonlight HD Lens here.


  • Praised as fun and versatile kit
  • Solid optical quality and practical durability
  • Includes fisheye, ultra wide angle, macro, and telephone lens
  • Universal detachable clamp design means it’ll work on most smart phones


  • Some users wish the case was bigger
  • Not compatible with iPhone 7+

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5. CamKix Lens Kit (Universal)

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This lens kit offers users a ton of value. If one needs the top in optical quality, the Moment lenses will be the way to go, but for users who want a lot of variety and practicality, the Camkix lens kits offers numerous interesting lenses and a tripod. The lenses includes are a 12x telephoto lens, a macro lens, and a wide angle. The universal phone holder is a simple tripod mount that can be used with a variety of smart phone-sized devices. While this kit may not have the absolute best optical quality, it offers a lot of fun and value, which for most users should be perfect.

Price: $42.99 (14 percent off MSRP)

Buy the CamKix Lens Kit here.

Note: This review is of their kit for the iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Lens Kit By CamKix – User GuideGet Yours at: iPhone 6 Lens Kit – iPhone 6+ Lens Kit – 00:00:10 – Fit Your Phone to the Case 00:00:15 – Fisheye Lens 00:00:46 – Wide Angle Lens 00:01:02 – Macro Lens 00:01:42 – 8 Times Telephoto Lens This CamKix lens kit contains everything you need to enrich your iPhone 6…2014-11-20T08:14:14.000Z


  • Includes four lenses 12x telephoto, fisheye, macro, wide angle
  • Includes cleaning cloth, phone holder, and lens cleaner
  • Tripod allows one to stabilize phone
  • Praised as great, inexpensive addition to iPhone 7


  • Focus can be off at times

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