Top 15 Best Unique Menorahs for Hanukkah

Instead of buying metal menorahs designed with nature in mind, just buy a menorah that is a part of nature! This piece is made from a slice of 100+ year old red oak. It was handmade from a tree that stood in the maker's own front yard! Buy it here! (Etsy)

These menorahs will make Hanukkah shine even brighter, no matter your style. Whether you want a unique decoration or a menorah that will last through 100 years of wax buildup, these menorahs are the answer. Find a menorah that will stay in your family for generations; the menorah that will brighten your living room each Hanukkah night for years to come. There’s even a beautiful stained glass piece for those who don’t want a candlelit menorah!