10 Best Knife Sharpeners: Your Easy Buying Guide

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A knife sharpener doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. It’s also a worthwhile tool for cooks of all levels. Dull blades can make food preparation longer and harder. They can also be a safety hazard, as you need to apply more pressure to cut up food. Instead of sending your dull knives off to get professionally sharpened, take a look at the knife sharpeners below. We’ve included a variety of types as well as price points to help make your search easier.

As you begin your search, keep in mind the different types of sharpeners. Most manual sharpeners are affordable, compact, and efficient, making them a practical choice for the average home chef. This type of sharpener is easy to use and often has one hardened wheel for fine grinding and another for coarse. In contrast, electric sharpeners tend to be pricier. However, many users find them to be faster than more effective than manual sharpeners.

Another option is a sharpening stone. Most stones provide a measurement in terms of grit, which tells you how abrasive the surface is. The larger the number, the finer the grit. Coarser abrasives are ideal for reshaping blades on very dull knives, while finer abrasives are best for touch-ups.

While all sharpeners are designed to accommodate straight blades, not every sharpener can handle ceramic or serrated blades. However, most cooks find that serrated blades don’t wear out nearly as fast.

If you don’t see the right choice on this list, browse a wider selection of knife sharpeners on Amazon to find your ideal product.

1. Kangever Kitchen Knife Sharpener

knife sharpener, kitchen knife sharpener


This knife sharpener is geared towards straight and serrated knives, including a fixed angle slot specifically for serrated blades. Just place the dull blade on the appropriate sharpening slot, while the two-stage sharpening system takes care of the rest. For your safety and comfort, this knife sharpener has a soft grip handle and non-skid rubber feet.

This knife sharpener is best for straight and serrated blades.

Price: $13.98

Buy the Kangever Kitchen Knife Sharpener here.

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  • Ideal for straight and serrated blades
  • Has a fixed angle slot for serrated knives
  • Non-skid rubber feet


  • Scissor sharpener could be better
  • Some wish the sharpener was larger
  • Can require several pulls to get the blade razor sharp

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2. Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

knife sharpener

Priority Chef

The Priority Chef Knife Sharpener has a two-stage sharpening system. The first is a diamond coated wheel for coarse sharpening, while the second is a ceramic sharpening wheel. When your knife is done, it will have a double bevelled edge that’s razor sharp and remains sharp for an extended period of time. Another advantage of a diamond coated wheel is that diamonds can withstand the task of repeatedly cutting and sharpening even the hardest metals. The diamond coated wheel is also slightly angled to help shape both sides of the knife as it’s sharpened. You can use the ceramic wheel for sharpening serrated knives and for getting rid of any imperfections within a knife edge. Other features include a modern stainless steel design and a non-slip cushion on the bottom. Aside from kitchen knives, it’s ideal for pocket, utility, and hunting knives.

This knife sharpener is best for coarse and ceramic sharpening to keep blades razor sharp for an extended period of time.

Price: $19.95 (43 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Priority Chef Knife Sharpener here.

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener.Today we are here to tell you about the Priority Chef Knife Sharpener. which you can purchase here amazon.com/Priority-Chef-Sharpener-Designed-Sharper/dp/B00R9P59OG/ref=as_sl_pc_ss_til?tag=marksvi-20&linkCode=w01&linkId=A3LBZKG6NT22QGMP&creativeASIN=B00R9P59OG I received this as part of a promotion to facilitate a honest and unbiased review.2015-05-01T04:22:09.000Z


  • Has diamond coated and ceramic sharpening wheels
  • Non-slip bottom cushion
  • Ideal for a variety of knives


  • Instructions could be better
  • Slots may not be wide enough to accommodate larger blades
  • A few find that it works best for thinner blades

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3. Winware Stainless Steel Sharpening Steel

sharpening steel, stainless steel sharpening steel


Honing and sharpening steels look similar, but they offer different results. Honing steels are ideal for re-aligning the blade and can be used as often as after every use. Honing steels don’t actually sharpen a knife, but can produce similar results as they help push the knife blade into its proper position. In contrast, sharpening steels remove a thin layer of steel from the blade, resulting in a sharp new edge. You only need to use a sharpening steel a few times per year, even if you use your knives frequently. For best results, choose a sharpening steel that’s at least as long as the knife you will be sharpening. This sharpening steel features a 12-inch sharpening blade and a 5-inch plastic handle. To clean, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

This knife sharpener is best for those seeking a sharpening steel that only needs to be used a few times per year to keep blades sharp.

A 14-inch variation is also available.

Price: $8.87 (16 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Winware Stainless Steel Sharpening Steel here.

Knife Sharpening How To Use A Sharpening Steel Part 1Knife sharpening and maintenance is an important skill in the kitchen. Learning how to sharpen a knife is a learned skill and learning how to maintain a knife is a learned skill as well. In this video we will look at the basics of honing your kitchen knives with a honing rod. The Knives I…2011-06-14T01:34:50.000Z


  • Creates a sharp, new blade
  • Only needs to be used a few times per year
  • 12-inch sharpening blade


  • Initial learning curve
  • Some find it tough to store due to its size
  • A few mention the handle is uncomfortable

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4. SunrisePro Knife Sharpener

knife sharpener


In addition to kitchen knives, the SunrisePro Knife Sharpener also sharpens garden utensils. It’s designed to accommodate everything from carving and bread knives to blender blades, serrated knives, and scissors, along with pruning and hedge shears. A suction cup mount holds the sharpener securely in place. This tool is designed to sharpen blades in less than a minute. It’s also available in a variety of colors.

This knife sharpener is best for sharpening kitchen knives and garden utensils.

Price: $15.27 (60 percent off MSRP)

Buy the SunrisePro Knife Sharpener here.



  • Sharpens kitchen knives and garden utensils
  • Suction cup mount
  • Comes in several colors


  • Sharpening angle isn’t adjustable
  • First sharpening can generate a lot of excess shavings
  • Several mention it isn’t compatible with Japanese knives

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5. Presto Professional EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

knife sharpener, electric knife sharpener


If you’re looking for professional-level results, consider this electric knife sharpener. You don’t have to be a professional chef to invest in a knife sharpener with features such as a three-stage sharpening system and interchangeable blades to ensure optimal sharpening angles. In fact, this sharpener is a practical choice for beginners, as the blade guides keep the knife at the ideal sharpening angle. The tool is ideal for kitchen and hunting knives.

This sharpener is best for use with kitchen and hunting knives.

A less expensive alternative, LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener, is also available.

Price: $36.99

Buy the Presto Professional EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener here.

Presto Knife Sharpener (08810) Review & DemoThis is a full review of the Presto 08810 Knife Sharpener. I will sharpen various knives and even a sword. Thanks for watching Please like and subscribe for more video action. Also check out my other videos for tech reviews, firearms knowledge, and general awesomeness! my links: facebook – facebook.com/Shalootmd17 Twitter – twitter.com/_michaelsean Instagram -…2013-10-19T03:20:31.000Z


  • Three-stage sharpening system
  • Ideal for home chefs of all levels
  • Designed for kitchen and hunting knives


  • Knife guides move too easily
  • A few note it doesn’t quite return blades to their original sharpness
  • Can be tricky to use with serrated knives

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6. EdgeCraft Chef’sChoice Trizor XV Sharpener EdgeSelect


The hallmark feature of the Chef’sChoice Trizor XV Sharpener EdgeSelect is its ability to convert household knife angles from the typical 20 degrees to 15 degrees. Flexible spring guides ensure proper control of the sharpening angle, while the three-stage sharpening system helps create the optimal edge for various cutting tasks. This knife sharpener is geared towards sharpening serrated and straight edge blades.

This knife sharpener is best for converting knife angles from 20 to 15 degrees.

Price: $117.50 (44 percent off MSRP)

Buy the EdgeCraft Chef’sChoice Trizor XV Sharpener EdgeSelect here.

Why America's Test Kitchen Calls the Chef's Choice Trizor XV the Best Knife SharpenerBuy winner on Amazon: amzn.to/2o7G6Ic Our winning sharpener can even make new knives sharper. Highly Recommended: With diamond abrasives and a spring-loaded chamber that precisely and gently guided the blade, this sharpener purred with perfection, consistently producing edges that were sharper from edge to tip than those of brand-new knives. “I’m cutting this paper into…2016-04-25T10:42:07.000Z


  • Converts knife angles from 20 to 15 degrees
  • Ideal for straight edge and serrated blades
  • Flexible spring guides


  • A handful mention the rubber feet on the bottom tend to fall off easily
  • Some note an initial learning curve
  • Doesn’t sharpen ceramic or scissor blades

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7. Unimi Whetstone Knife Sharpener

whetstone knife sharpener


Whetstone sharpeners offer a gentle yet efficient way to sharpen dull knife blades. Most stones come with two distinct sides, one of which is a finer grit while the other is a coarser grit. This particular sharpener features 2,000 and 6,000 grit sides. A 2,000 grit stone falls in the middle and is ideal for those who want to frequently sharper their knives often. Since it’s less abrasive than some finer grits, it can take longer to sharpen knives. On the other side you’ll find 6,000 grit, which is a basic finishing stone for a more sharp and polished blade. You can sharpen more than your kitchen knives, including gardening tools, woodworking tools, carpentry kits, and more. Other features include a corrosion-resistant material and a non-slip silicone base. If this is your first time using a stone or you just need a bit more guidance, check out the sharpening guide that comes with this product.

This knife sharpener is best for frequent sharpening with a basic finishing stone.

Price: $18.99

Buy the Unimi Whetstone Knife Sharpener here.

Sharpening Knife on a Whetstone with Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada.Get Your Good Afternoon Merchandise Here: shop.studio71us.com/collections/hiroyuki-terada Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada shows you how he sharpens his Kikuichi knife with a 1000 grit Masahiro whetstone, and then further polishes his knife with a Kikuichi 6000 grit wet stone. Key things to remember are: Soak the stone for at least 24 hours prior to sharpening;…2013-08-05T05:25:50.000Z


  • Ideal for those who frequently sharpen knives
  • Non-slip silicone base
  • Comes with a sharpening guide


  • Can take awhile to sharpen blades
  • Those seeking razor sharp blades may want to go with a higher grit
  • Not designed for use with ceramic or serrated knives

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8. Wüsthof – 2 Stage Hand-Held Sharpener

knife sharpener


Some knife sharpeners don’t include markings for fine and coarse sharpening, which can be especially confusing for those who are new to knife sharpeners. If you’re tired of guessing, you’ll appreciate how each side of this sharpener is clearly marked. Another highlight is its lightweight construction and compact size, which allows you to leave it out on the countertop or store it away. Carbide steel blades are utilized during the coarse sharpening stage. There are also fine ceramic rods during the honing stage. A rubberized base ensures your grip remains secure.

This knife sharpener is best for budget-conscious consumers who want clearly markings, as well as for beginners.

Price: $19.94 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Wüsthof – 2 Stage Hand-Held Sharpener here.

Using a Handheld SharpenerDescription2015-08-26T17:36:20.000Z


  • Comes with markings for both sides
  • Rubberized base provides a solid grip
  • Weighted for added security


  • Sharpening stones could be raised higher from the plastic
  • May not sharpen knives as well as pricier products
  • Doesn’t work with serrated blades

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9. Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening System

sharpening stone


The Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening System features a medium synthetic stone, fine Arkansas stone, and a coarse synthetic stone. Each stone measures six inches. They are also molded onto a plastic triangle with handles so that you can easily rotate between stones. Rubber feet sit on the bottom of the plastic base for added traction and security during the sharpening process. The coarse stone is 400 grit, while the medium synthetic stone is 600 grit and the fine Arkansas stone is 1000-1200 grit. A trough helps catch any oil that drips down. This sharpener comes with a bottle of honing solution along with a sharpening guide to help you get started.

This knife sharpener is best for experienced users seeking medium synthetic, fine Arkansas, and coarse synthetic stones.

Price: $24.97 (6 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening System here.

smith's TRI-HONE review: great sharpener!me big T doin a review on a great multi purpose sharpener the tri hone from smiths2013-03-15T03:42:33.000Z


  • Three distinct stones
  • Trough helps catch excess oil
  • Includes a bottle of honing solution and a sharpening guide


  • Plastic base feels flimsy
  • Some wish the guide included more angles
  • Several mention the medium stone soaks up the honing oil

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10. Zwilling J.A. Henckels 4-Stage Manual Knife Sharpener


The price is a bit higher than other manual knife sharpeners, but this unit features four distinct slots instead of the typical two or three. There are two options for standard Western knives and two for Asian knives. An ergonomically contoured handle keeps hands comfortable as you sharpen your knives. There’s also a rubberized bottom to keep the knife sharpener from slipping.

This knife sharpener is best for Western and Asian knives.

Price: $39.95

Buy the Zwilling J.A. Henckels 4-Stage Manual Knife Sharpener here.

Sharpening with ZWILLINGDiscover why sharpening your kitchen knives is so important and learn how to sharpen using a sharpening steel.2016-03-03T15:23:51.000Z


  • Includes options for Western and Asian knives
  • Contoured handle
  • Rubberized bottom prevents slips


  • A bit pricey
  • Doesn’t work with ceramic or serrated blades
  • Handle is a bit thin for those with larger hands

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