iPhone X or iPhone 10? How To Pronounce The Name Of The New iPhone

Spoiler: It’s pronounced “iPhone ten.”

If you aren’t a hardcore Apple fan, you may not know that the company’s 10th anniversary edition operating system, OS X, is actually pronounced “oh-ess ten” and not the more commonly used “oh-ess ecks.”

This trivia night-worthy factoid prompted many to wonder how to pronounce the name of one of Apple’s newest smart phone, the iPhone X, after a massive leak revealed that the company planned to launch an anniversary edition phone alongside its planned iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Business Insider speculated that the phone would follow the example of the desktop operating system—pronounced “iPhone ten”—which may eventually some cause some confusion about iPhone generations of the future, which, sequentially, would be called iPhones 9 and 10.

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that it is, indeed, the “iPhone ten” at the official product launch on Tuesday, heralding an interesting conundrum for the nomenclature of subsequent generations.

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