Google Pixel 2 Event: What Was Announced?

Google’s big event started with board member Rick Osterloh saying t that smartphones are reaching parody on the specs, meaning that all smartphones released will have similar specs. He told the crowd that Google will be focusing on AI improvements rather than the actual software in the product for all of their products. Osterloh also mentioned that while Google may not have been the first to many of their products, including search and Gmail, they instead focused on how to make the best tech designed for the users and delivered useful products.

Here’s a roundup of the products announced today:

Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2XL & Pixel Buds

While most of the specs for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL did leak beforehand, we now know all we need to know about the phones. To create the Pixels, Google partnered up with HTC and LG. Much like the previous version of the Pixel, these phones look like they’ll be known for their incredible cameras. For photos and videos, Google offers unlimited storage to Pixel users on the cloud. This includes storage space for 4K HDR video.

Both phones are equipped with the Google Assistant, which can be synced with other Google devices. The phones are both equipped with Active Edge, you can give your Pixel a squeeze and then tell your phone what you want it to do, and it will do it. This will even work when your phone is in a case.

The phones launch with a preview of Google Lens and Augmented Reality stickers.

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Google Pixelbook & Pixel Pen

Google announced the Pixelbook, a new 2-in-one laptop today at their Google Pixel event today. Google designed the product to be all you need in one place. It’s supposed to be a laptop experience while also offering anything that you might need from a smartphone or tablet.

Though some of the specs of the computer leaked before the event, we now know everything we need to know about the device. The device will be available for preorder today, and the device will be in stores starting on October 31.

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Google Home Mini & Max

Google announced Google Home Mini and Max, the newest members of the Google Home family. The devices are made to make Google Home more fitting and adaptive in the home environment.

All Google Home devices will also now be equipped with Google Broadcast. With Google Broadcast, saying “Hey Google, broadcast it’s time to go to school,” would trigger all connected Google Home devices to say “it’s time to go to school.”

All Google Home products now use Voice Match, which uses different voice factors to bring personal help to each individual member of the house. With over 50 million voice samples in hundreds of different environments, Google is confident that they have the best voice assistant in the world.

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Google Clips

Designed with parents and pet owners in mind, Google Clips is a hands-free mini camera that has all you can expect from a good camera. It has a shutter button and a great lens.

This camera was a surprise announcement. Prior to the Google Event, some people thought the “Google Clips” would be some sort of laptop accessory. Instead, the product is a camera that uses artificial intelligence to know when to take pictures and what to take them of.

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Google Daydream View

The Google Daydream View is Google’s newest virtual reality headset. The headset is made to work with the new Pixel phones and features more comfortable, breathable fabric than the first Daydream View created by Google.

The headset comes in three colors: Gray, Charcoal and Coral. It can connect to your TV so your friends and family can see what you see. It will be available at local retailers.

The headset sells for $99 and can be preordered on Google’s store.

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