WhatsApp: How to Cancel Sent Messages

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WhatsApp is a free online messaging service available on iOS, Windows and Android. The app allows you to use your own phone number to call or message people online.

Over 1.3 billion people in over 180 countries worldwide use WhatApp. The app is constantly adding new content and features, making it more accessible and useful for new and old users.

As long as you’ve kept your WhatsApp app up to date, you should have access to the following features and be able to use new features as soon as they roll out to everyone.

While being able to text and message anyone in your contacts is great, sometimes fingers slip and those messages get sent to the wrong person. It’s embarrassing, but on WhatsApp it’s also avoidable.

If you’ve sent a risky message that you’d like to take back, or just sent a message to the wrong person, you can take that back as long as it’s been within just a few minutes of sending.

To take advantage of this feature:

  • Tap and hold the sent message
  • From the pop-up menu, choose “Delete”
  • Choose “Delete for Everyone”

As long as your contact didn’t open the message right away, that should keep the content from being seen by the wrong set of eyes.


As far as other tips and tricks that users of WhatsApp might not know, you can also share your real-time location with your friends or family. To do that, tap “attach” in the message thread in which you’d like to share your location. Then, choose location and select “share live location.” The options for sharing location vary from keeping that location live for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

Each person in the group you shared your location with will be able to see your location in real time. This means that if another friend shares their location in the same group chat, you’ll be able to see each other on a map and meet up. As long as location sharing takes place in the same group, the real-time locations will show up on the same map.

You can also now use WhatsApp for quality video calling. With the video calling feature, WhatsApp allows users to spend quality time via video chat with people all over the world.

  1. WhatsApp is a “freeware” messaging service that doesn’t use your phone plan, instead using the Internet to make voice or video calls, send text messages or other items. Location sharing has been available through the app for awhile, but there was recently a new update that allows real-time location sharing services. Read more from Heavy on how to use those services here.

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