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11 Best WiFi Sprinkler Controllers for Healthy Lawns

Keeping your lawn looking its best can be a tricky task. Robot sprinklers don’t exist yet, but you can come fairly close with these best WiFi sprinkler controllers. If lawn maintenance really isn’t your thing, consider adding a robot lawn mower to the mix along with these high-tech controllers.

wifi sprinkler controller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Intelligent weather software
  • Can be monitored remotely
  • Also available for 16 zones
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wifi sprinkler controller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Large display
  • Works with iOS and Android
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smart sprinkler controller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Can be set up on multiple devices
  • Local weather alerts
  • Tracks weather history
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smart sprinkler controller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Alexa compatible
  • Corrosion-resistant terminals
  • Can be used inside or outdoors
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wifi sprinkler controller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fully customizable zones
  • Works inside and outdoors
  • Easy to program
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wifi sprinkler controller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Doubles as a security system
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Always-on live streaming
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smart sprinkler controller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Works with 2.4 and 5GHz networks
  • Setup takes 30 minutes or less
  • Large zone coverage
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best wifi sprinkler controller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Easy to set up
  • Alexa compatibility
  • Monitors local forecasts
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best smart sprinkler controller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Works with dual-band networks
  • Fast installation
  • Adapts to specific lawns
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smart sprinkler controller Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Alexa compatibility
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Real-time weather adjustments
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  • Covers up to seven zones
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Improved WiFi reliability
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Rachio 8-Zone Sprinkler Controller

    • Takes just 30 minutes to set up
    • Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems
    • Produces smart schedules based on lawn specifics
    • Box is a bit bulky
    • Flimsy plastic closing mechanism
    • Not compatible with 5GHz networks

    This first generation WiFi controller from Rachio remains a popular choice for its durability and reliability.

    The Rachio sprinkler can be set up outdoors but requires an outdoor enclosure (sold separately).

    This Rachio smart sprinkler controller is a WaterSense labeled product. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, products with this label are 20 percent more water efficient than average products in that category and deliver measurable water savings results.

    Several noteworthy features help distinguish this WiFi sprinkler controller from its competitors. For starters, intelligent weather software ensures the sprinkler only runs at opportune times. You won’t have to worry about losing water when it’s raining or windy, or when temperatures are freezing. The accompanying app lets you use the sprinkler remotely.

    As with most of the best WiFi sprinkler controllers, it’s also compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Once the app is up and running you can use it to track estimated water usage, run the sprinklers and keep tabs on upcoming schedules.

    You might think that setting up a WiFi sprinkler controller will be a hassle. Fortunately, this smart sprinkler can be installed in 30 minutes or less and doesn’t require special tools for the job.

    Smart schedules maintain your property according to your lawn’s specific needs. This is based on several factors, including the local weather, soil type, amount of sun exposure, the types of plants and more.

    As with many other smart devices, the Rachio works with a variety of platforms. While Alexa and Google Assistant are some of the most popular, it also works with Apple HomeKit, Nest and others.

  2. 2. RainMachine 12-Zone Touch HD-12

    • Continues working even if WiFi is down
    • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and more
    • Runs based on local forecasts
    • Limited one-year warranty
    • Not compatible with 5GHz networks
    • User instructions could be better

    Some WiFi sprinkler controllers won’t operate if the network is down. This sprinkler is cloud independent and will continue working even if your WiFi goes out.

    The Touch HD-12 takes local forecasts into consideration when devising a plan for your lawn. Watering time is adjusted based on the forecast. Instead of a single provides, RainMachine gathers data from centers such as NOAA, Wunderground and MetNo for the most accurate and eco-friendly watering schedule. Freeze control and excessive heat protections ensure optimal and practical water use during extreme temperatures.

    The smart controller works with Android and iOS operating systems and has apps for each. A bright 6.5-inch touchscreen display provides a more user-friendly experience. Updates allow the smart controller to work with various smart services, including Google Home, Alexa, WINK, Nest and SmartThings via IFTTT.

    This particular model covers up to 12 zones, but a larger 16-zone version is available.

  3. 3. Netro Sprite 6-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller

    • Watering schedules can be easily altered
    • Fully schedules watering services
    • Notifications warn of water restrictions
    • Not compatible with 5GHz networks
    • Doesn't currently offer web access
    • Periodic glitches with the app aren't uncommon

    The Netro Sprite can be controlled on many different devices and by several users.

    Having the ability to remotely control your devices makes using the best WiFi sprinkler controllers that much simpler. The accompanying Netro app supports several different users and devices, so the burden of lawn maintenance doesn’t rest on a single family member.

    This WiFi sprinkler controller tracks the amount of water that’s used, and when. You’ll also be able to keep tabs on the weather history. For even more personalized results, the controller lets you create custom watering schedules. You can determine how frequently you’d like to water based on your budget. The watering schedules can also be altered depending on circumstances such as adding new plants and additional landscaping.

    Local weather alerts and climate information further reduces unnecessary water consumption.

    No manual setup is required here, as Netro fully schedules itself. Pre-programmed watering recommendations are provided for various plant and soil types. If watering restrictions are in effect you’ll soon find out with notifications.

    Those who live in colder climates can take advantage of the winterization functionality, especially when temperatures hover around freezing.

  4. 4. Orbit B-hyve 6-Zone WiFi Sprinkler System

    • User-friendly control panel
    • Compatible with iOS, Android and web devices
    • Comes with a weatherproof case
    • Some find the count down timer inaccurate
    • Smart capabilities could be improved
    • Voice control is limited to Alexa

    Orbit B-hyve is rugged and durable and can be used inside and outdoors.

    A weatherproof case keeps this WiFi smart sprinkler from getting damaged if it’s outside during inclement weather. You can just as easily set it up indoors or swap its location if desired. Corrosion-resistant terminals add to the rugged nature of the controller.

    Straight-forward controls make this controller quite user-friendly. You can simply press a button to delay watering if rain is in the forecast. Weather sensing technology means your lawn only gets watered when necessary. Site conditions, including slopes, types of soil and the amount of sun and shade exposure, also influence the watering schedule.

    If you have a compatible Alexa device, you can use it for voice control. A larger 12-zone version is available.

    This smart sprinkler controller works with Android, iOS and web devices.

  5. 5. Rain Bird 8-Zone Indoor & Outdoor WiFi Sprinkler

    • Considers many weather-related factors for scheduling purposes
    • Each zone can be personalized with a photo, start time and more
    • Can be used to control multiple timers
    • No web-based access
    • App could be improved
    • Only compatible with 2.4GHz networks

    This Rain Bird WiFi smart sprinkler controller adjusts watering schedules as needed depending on the seasons, local weather, humidity and more.

    Numerous weather-related factors are considered as this Rain Bird sprinkler determines the most appropriate schedule for your lawn. Aside from local weather forecasts and seasonal changes, the temperature and humidity levels are also considered. Manual watering is also possible. Either way, watering reports are generated to provide feedback regarding overall efficiency.

    The ability to customize schedules is literally right in your hands, as you can set up each zone with a different name, run time, frequency and picture. Notification alerts keep you updated, even when you’re not home.

    Those with more than one property to maintain, including lawn care professionals, especially like the fact that it’s possible to control multiple timers.

    This smart sprinkler controller is compatible with iOS and Android systems, along with Alexa for voice control.

  6. 6. Yardian 8-Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller

    • Adjustable weather-based smart program
    • Includes local weather conditions when making schedules
    • Automatically makes adjustments based on the seasons
    • Not compatible with Google
    • Seems to work better with iOS systems
    • Water restriction rules have to be manually applied

    You can virtually cut your water usage in half with the Yardian 8-Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller.

    This combination smart device and surveillance system is the first of its kind to enter the market.

    This smart sprinkler controller relies heavily on adjustments to deliver optimal results. To get started, manually program your preferred schedule. Once the schedule is set the controller takes over and will make automatic adjustments depending on the season. The adjustable weather-based smart program takes many different factors into account, including local weather conditions and your property profile. An optional water restrictions database allows for further customization.

    You can water up to eight zones with this version, but a 12-zone model is also available. Alexa voice compatibility lets you use voice commands for even more control.

    For added convenience, cloud-based storage keeps the device running if your WiFi goes down. Available skip rules let you pass on the watering if it’s raining or the temperatures drop to freezing. Rain sensor skip and manual skip are additional options.

    There’s more to this device than just a smart sprinkler system. You also get built-in security, with features such as motion detection and 24/7 live video streaming directly to your phone. An animal repellent feature keeps unwanted visitors away once you’ve set up a designated zone.

  7. 7. Skydrop Arc 13-Zone Smart Sprinkler System Controller

    • Can reduce water bill by almost half
    • Relies on ultra-local weather reports updated on an hourly basis
    • Compatible with Alexa for voice control
    • Limited app
    • Won't work without WiFi
    • Currently lacks flow sensor support

    An advanced algorithm helps cut your water bill virtually in half by calculating the rate at which water will leave your soil.

    Its ability to provide the most efficient algorithm for your specific lawn isn’t the only factor that helps this smart sprinkler controller stand out. You also get more bang for your buck compared with some competitors, as its price tag is similar to those with fewer zone coverage areas. Ultra-local weather data takes into account the humidity, wind, temperature, sun exposure, slope and soil conditions for fully customized results.

    Once you’ve connected via the accompanying app you can use voice commands via Alexa. However, that’s not the only perk. Skydrop Arc also works with various smart home platforms such as Google Home, Ecobee and Nest. The smart sprinkler controller is compatible with 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi networks for expanded coverage. Installation shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

  8. 8. eSea Smart 9-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller

    • Users can choose to water zones separately or together
    • Monitors local weather forecasts for improved coverage
    • Automatically skips watering session if rain is in the forecast
    • Limited zone coverage compared to other competitors
    • Lacks 5GHz network support
    • Several competitors have more smart platform compatibility

    The eSea Smart 9-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller is a solid choice for shoppers on a budget.

    Its affordable price tag is sure to catch the attention of many budget-conscious shoppers, but the perks don’t stop there. This smart WiFi controller has many of the same features found on its pricier competitors, including voice control and dependable performance based on the latest local weather forecasts.

    You’ll get coverage of nine zones with this sprinkler controller, each of which is supported via the app. For your convenience, you can decide whether to control zones separately or together. There’s also support for a timer and countdown if needed.

    As with most other WiFi sprinkler controllers, this one keeps close tabs on your local weather forecast. Changes are made according to various seasons to reduce watering times and boost water conservation. The controller automatically skips scheduled watering if rain is detected.

    If you’re a fan of hands-free control you’ll appreciate how this controller works with Alexa. Setup should take roughly 30 minutes.

  9. 9. Rachio 16-Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller (Second Generation)

    • Stores last saved schedule in controller's memory
    • Built-in weather software guides watering schedules
    • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
    • Outdoor enclosure sold separately
    • Can't control sprinkler when WiFi is down
    • App navigation could be better

    The Rachio Generation 2 Smart Sprinkler Controller relies heavily on its app, allowing you to view watering sessions, make changes and more from just about anywhere.

    As with the original Rachio, the second generation device relies on built-in intelligent weather software for guidance. Depending on the forecast, changes may be made to ensure maximum conservation. You can control this smart sprinkler from a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

    Once you input details that are specific to your lawn, such as the amount of sun exposure and types of plants on your property, the second generation Rachio takes over and sets the most effective schedule.

    This Rachio is compatible with pump relays, master valves and indexing valves. Installation shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

    Smart home platforms such as Alexa and Google Home allow you to control the device via voice commands. The controller works with other integrations, such as Nest, IFTTT, Control4, Wink, Nexia and more.

    This version supports 2.4GHz and dual-band networks. In the event of a WiFi outage, the last saved schedule is stored in the controller’s memory until connectivity is restored.

  10. 10. RainMachine 8-Zone Pro-8 Irrigation Controller

    • App works with iOS, Android and web-based browsers.
    • Schedules around significant weather changes
    • Uses various locally based weather sources to vary watering schedules
    • App could be better
    • Many competitors offer nine-zone coverage for the price
    • Won't work with 5GHz networks

    For some homes, the best WiFi sprinkler controller comes in a smaller package. This eight-zone RainMachine controller may fit the bill.

    No one likes to lose their data when the WiFi crashes. This controller is cloud-based, so all of your personal data is stored locally. You can continue to use the device even if your WiFi is down.

    As with most other smart sprinkler controllers, this one bases your yard’s watering schedule on real-time weather reports. You’ll get free and direct access to local weather reports from providers such as MOAA, NetAtmo and more. Alexa compatibility makes it easy to use voice commands for added convenience.

    Once the accompanying app is downloaded you can use your device to monitor and control watering sessions from anywhere. The app is compatible on iOS, Android and web-based browsers.

  11. 11. Scotts 7-Zone Gro 7

    • Can be used for lawns and gardens
    • Automatically programs itself based on local weather data
    • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
    • Can only be mounted indoors
    • Several competitors offer more coverage
    • Relatively limited smart platform compatibility

    Automatic programming makes the Gro 7 controller a welcome addition to any home.

    The Gro 7 covers up to seven zones. Whether you’re using it for your lawn or garden, several factors come into play when it comes to creating a customized schedule. Once it has real-time local weather information, Gro 7 automatically programs itself for optimal results.

    The controller is compatible with iOS and Android systems. Once the app is installed, you can control and monitor scheduled waterings from your phone, even if you’re away.

According to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, your average sprinkler attached to a generic garden hose uses roughly 1,020 gallons of water per hour. If this setup is consistently run three times a week during a 90-day billing cycle, that equals approximately 36,000 gallons of water usage.

Between rising bills and excessive water usage, it's no wonder why more consumers are turning to the best smart WiFi sprinkler controllers to remedy the situation.

Most of the best smart WiFi sprinkler controllers are WaterSense labeled. The biggest advantage of this type of controller is its ability to tailor unique watering schedules to match specific site conditions, compared with controllers operating on a clock and set schedule, says the EPA. In order to obtain the label the controllers need to sufficiently match the watering demands of an area without overwatering.

You'll notice that the WiFi sprinkler controllers on our list rely on local weather data to get accurate forecasts. Many also have built-in rain sensors that prevent them from watering when rain is in the forecast. Most smart sprinklers won't operate when the temperatures drop to freezing. 

If you live in a drought-prone area, you may be able to set up your sprinkler to alert you when water restrictions go in place.

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