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11 Best Airpods Pro Chargers

Apple’s Airpods Pro headphones have made it truly convenient to play your favorite tunes anywhere. But with a standalone battery life of 5 hours, it is essential to keep the Airpods charging case topped off and accessible. But wouldn’t it be nice to have more than one way to do so? Here are the best Airpods Pro chargers for keeping your earbuds juiced up inside and outside of their charge case.

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When Is the Charging Case Not Enough?

The key factor to the success of Apple's Airpods (which you can buy here) is not pristine sound quality but rather streamlined convenience. In other words, it all boils down to that sleek, convenient charging case. So why not just rely on that to charge your Airpods?

Well, in some unfortunate cases, you might lose or damage your charging case while using the Airpods. This would leave your lonely earbuds to be orphaned lest you find a replacement. Alternatively, you could be traveling away from a power source for a long while and find yourself in need of some extra juice to keep the tunes going.

Or maybe you just need a dedicated charger so you don't have to keep swapping the same cable back and forth between devices.

Thankfully, we found some great Airpods charging accessories to address all of these situations. These useful devices range from replacement charging cases, to charging stands, to wireless chargers, and any one of them could be just what you were needing to step up your Airpods game.

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