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8 Best Black Friday Router Deals on Amazon

Black Friday 2021 is a great time to save big on networking gear like a WiFi 6 router or mesh wireless setup. If you haven’t upgraded routers in a while, now is a great time do so because many new devices support better wireless performance over WiFi 6. Mesh systems have also totally changed the game for larger homes with bad signal propogation. Or if you just need a solid new AC router, we’ve got you there too. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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How to Choose a Router

If you are not knowledgeable on networking gear, then it would be unwise to buy a new router without doing some precursory research even if you are just trying to take advantage of some solid sales. Instead, allow us to give you a rundown of the basics.

First, you should determine your Internet type (cable, fiber, DSL, dial-up) and speed by contacting your provider.

Next, you should determine if your current device has a built-in modem or if you have a discrete modem. If you have a combo unit, you can replace it with another combo unit or switch to two separate units with the inclusion of a DOCIS 3.1 modem to your setup.

I prefer the latter option, especially since it is the only option for those on fiber Internet. In either case, you probably stand to boost your throughput if you are on an older standard.

This barely breaks the surface but it should make for a decent flowchart for prospective shoppers. If you want a more in-depth look at actually understanding router specs, I would instead point you towards this Router Buying Guide from Wired.

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