10 Best Black Friday Router Deals on Amazon

Buying a new router is never a fun task but saving lots of money is, which is why we gathered up all the best Black Friday router deals into one post for you. Improving your home network means easier streaming, smoother gaming, and a whole lot less stress. Read on below to browse our picks and check back all weekend as new deals rotate in.

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How to Tell What Wireless Router You Need

If you are a networking neophyte then it can be somewhat intimidating to make a decision on which router would be best for your needs. But fret not, for we've got the ultra-quick networking crash course that you need to survive the Black Friday sales hysteria.

The number one thing to be mindful of when selecting a router is to make sure that you have a cable Internet connection. You need a specialized router for DSL or fiber optic Internet and none of these are included in this list.

As for determining performance, that's a matter of comparing the router's max upstream and downstream speeds against what speeds you pay your ISP for. In all likelihood, the router's signal strength will be a bigger limiting factor than the speed but you should always check both.

Determining if a router is strong enough for your home size is simple if you reference the max broadcast strength of each router. Just keep in mind that walls, pipes, and other building materials can reduce this overall number. Consider a mesh WiFi router if you have too many obstructions around your home.

From there, it is all about price value. If you want to be absolutely sure about your purchase, though, most ISPs have a handy list of supported routers. Xfinity has instructions for how to check this as do many others. Simply double-check that the model number before you buy and you are good to go.

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