Deepak Chopra Interview

Deepak Chopra Interview

Deepak Chopra is one of the most famous and respected practicioners of Ayurvedic medicine in the world today. He talked to us about his two products with Liquid Comics, the four-issue miniseries Beyond which is now being adapted to a major motion picture and the new Kama Sutra And The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Love, a fantastically illustrated book, both from our friends at Liquid Comics. I read the preview of Kama Sutra and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Love – it’s a gorgeous-looking book. What can you tell me about its development?

Dr. Chopra: Well, it’s development came indirectly in that I had been writing in general on the relationship between sexual energy and spiritual energy – the idea that both energies are primal and creative. That even though we think of sex energy as only procreative energy, we can think of it as creative at all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual. According to some traditions, when people feel attraction, arousal, awakening, alert, passion, interest, excitement, creativity, each of these situations involves the same primal energy at work. So it is difficult to make a distinction between what was called sexual and spiritual energy.

Kama Sutra

I felt it would be a good idea to give a new twist to the Kama Sutra, which was written in ancient times by a seer name of Mallanaga Vatsyayana. When people read the Kama Sutra, they often read purely for the physical aspects, and they get kind of titillated by the emphasis on the physical – courtship, seduction, all of it is there – and they miss out on some of these deeper aspects. I thought would be good project as a written book, it was my son Gotham who said “Why dont we illustrate it?” I didn’t want to do something too overt, rather I wanted to do something artistic, and so the project was born What do you think the imagery adds to your words? How do they work with each other.

Dr. Chopra: The imagery works on very subtle levels, very sumbonscious, subliminal, very sexual, very arousing – it has that quality, but it’s not lurid. It’s verybeautifully done. What kind of audience are you hoping to reach with the book?

Dr. Chopra: Initially I thought only my audience – the audience interested in consciousness, but I’m finding a lot of people, young people who have never been interested in spirituality. And various other outlets, in the beginning we even had an inquiry from Playboy magazine! I think it’s extended my audience!

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