R.I.P. Macho Man Randy Savage

Today is a sad day for wrestling fans, fans of beef jerky and fans of crazy neon sunglasses and spandex. TMZ has reported that Randy “Macho Man” Savage has died in a car accident after suffering a heart attack and losing control of the vehicle. I’m not going to go into how awesome Macho Man was during his pro wrestling heyday. If you were a kid who grew up watching wrestling on Saturday mornings, you already know how charismatic the guy was.

From video games, to movie cameos, to the hilarious Slim Jim commercials of the 1990s, Randy Savage was a larger than life character who commanded 100% of the attention anytime he stepped in front of a camera. You may have tapped out, Macho Man, but you won’t be quickly forgotten.

Macho Man Shakespeare

Light up your life

Macho Man may just be insane

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