Felon Shoots Self in Genitals With Gun He Was Trying to Sell

Tavares Donnell Colbert.


A convicted drug dealer in Oklahoma City shot himself in the genitals (d’oh!) Saturday with a gun he was getting ready to sell for a quick profit.

As if dealing with the bloody mess of his own mangled genitalia weren’t enough, poor old Tavares Donnell Colbert had to go back to jail for possessing a firearm, reports NewsOK.

Colbert, who is 36 but looks more like 50, is felon with past convictions for slinging drugs. He said he bought the weapon on the street and was looking to flip it to a buyer in a convenience store parking lot. He stopped his car on the way there to give the piece a once-over, you know, making sure he had quality merchandise. And then he fired hot lead into his penis.

The bloody-crotched Colbert drove to the emergency room, where cops found him.

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