The Oatmeal’s Final F&%k You to Charles Carreon: Charity and Kindness Triumph Over Douchebaggery

The Oatmeal Charles Carreon

Beloved Internet superstar The Oatmeal (AKA Matthew Inman) has been in a bit of a spat with thin-skinned legal douchebag Charles Carreon. Now it is finally over and The Oatmeal has followed through on his promise to photograph the money he has raised for charity. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what $211,223.04 looks like.

This all started about a year ago. A site called FunnyJunk was hosting The Oatmeal’s comics without attribution. The Oatmeal wrote an angry blog post, they took down some of his comics (but certainly not all), and that was it.

Or so we all thought. A number of days ago The Oatmeal received a letter from FunnyJunk’s lawyer, Charles Carreon, telling him to take down the blog post and give FunnyJunk $20,000. The Oatmeal responded by posting the letter on his website and promising to raise $20,000 for charity (The National Wildlife Fund and American Cancer Association), take a picture of that money and send FunnyJunk that picture along with a picture he drew of their mother attempting to seduce a Kodiak bear.

He called it “Operation BearLove Good, Cancer Bad.” He raised the $20,000 in one single hour. And that number continued to climb until it reached its current number of well over $200,000.

So hooray for everyone. A website got all douchey with another website it was stealing comics from and it got turned into a wonderful fundraiser for very wonderful organizations. Who could argue with that?

Well, Charles Carreon, that’s who. He decided to step out on his own, separate from FunnyJunk, to essentially sue the entire internet. Ars Technica has covered the whole thing pretty thoroughly.

He sued The Oatmeal, the charities, Indiegogo, anonymous internet commentors, and so on and so on. And as it went on Charles Carreon revealed himself to be worse and worse a person and worse and worse a lawyer. It was all very pathetic. It was an attempt to silence a critic with a lawsuit. Furthermore, the despicable way he and his wife, Tara, handled the entire thing was really just disgusting. Calling people Hitler never wins the argument. Especially when the person you’re calling Hitler is an internet cartoonist. I just feel bad for them. They seem so paranoid and thin-skinned. It must be horrible to go through life like that. Maybe they just need some sleep.

But most importantly, today The Oatmeal is victorious and has followed through with his promise of a tremendous f%&k you.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the work of The Oatmeal, here’s an example:

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