The 20 Hottest Slave Leias

The 20 Hottest Slave Leias

Every man remembers the first time he saw Star Wars. The awesome space ships, the exhilarating lightsaber battles,  the sheer badassitude of Han Solo, the thinly veiled metaphor for religion, and of course, Princess Leia in a gold bikini. Many of us were too young to understand exactly what the effect that girl had on us was, but we knew she was doing something we wanted more of. Fortunately, the wonderful women of our world have gladly obliged us, putting on that glorious costume anytime a convention rolls through town. Because hey, if they sold a costume that made you look like King Leonidas, wouldn’t you wear it every chance you got too? So without further ado, enjoy our collection of the 20 Hottest Slave Leias.

The original slave Leia

Let’s start off with the original, because it’s still the best. There’s something about Carrie Fisher‘s face, something inviting with a hint of excitement that makes you think maybe she doesn’t really mind being a slave. Other girls can put on her costume, but she’ll always be the only true slave Leia.

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