The 20 Hottest Slave Leias

The 20 Hottest Slave Leias

Every man remembers the first time he saw Star Wars. The awesome space ships, the exhilarating lightsaber battles,  the sheer badassitude of Han Solo, the thinly veiled metaphor for religion, and of course, Princess Leia in a gold bikini. Many of us were too young to understand exactly what the effect that girl had on us was, but we knew she was doing something we wanted more of. Fortunately, the wonderful women of our world have gladly obliged us, putting on that glorious costume anytime a convention rolls through town. Because hey, if they sold a costume that made you look like King Leonidas, wouldn’t you wear it every chance you got too? So without further ado, enjoy our collection of the 20 Hottest Slave Leias.

The original slave Leia

Let’s start off with the original, because it’s still the best. There’s something about Carrie Fisher‘s face, something inviting with a hint of excitement that makes you think maybe she doesn’t really mind being a slave. Other girls can put on her costume, but she’ll always be the only true slave Leia.

A slightly orange slave Leia

The great thing about the slave Leia costume is that you get to see real girls wearing them, not just models and celebrities. And on top of that, it’s real girls who are willing to at least pretend they don’t think Star Wars is lame.

Jabba’s got good taste.

A slave Leia with R2D2

Here’s the crazy thing about the people who go to conventions like this: something else that’s going on is more exciting to those people in the background than the girl in this picture. Must be the Chewbacca Petting Zoo.

A slave Leia stranded in the desert

Fortunately for this slave Leia, in her profile it says she likes really, really, really long walks on the beach.

A blond slave Leia with a slightly gray top

Now, this girl got the coloring all wrong on her costume. The top is too gray and the metal is all way too golden. But it took 24 minutes of staring at this picture to realize that, so we’ll let it slide.

A slave Leia crouching

The great thing about the slave Leia costume is that it allows for a wide range of movement into any number of insanely hot poses. You have to be kind of careful with that skirt though.

A slave Leia with red hair

Red hair, blue eyes, and a slave Leia costume is our new understanding of the phrase “the holy trinity.”

Olivia Munn as slave Leia

Geeks have had a crush on Olivia Munn since she started working for G4 in 2006. When she put this costume on though, they fell in love.

A slave Leia with a nice TV

Being Jabba the Hutt’s favorite slave can’t be all that bad if it comes with hardwood floors, a nice couch, and a pretty slick flat screen TV.

A blonde Leia from both sides

We don’t remember Princess Leia having a tramp stamp, but we also don’t remember her being this blond and busty, so we guess it all evens out.

Three slave Leias posing with Chewy and R2D2

Chewy, if we were in your shoes in this picture we’d be doing exactly the same thing. Congratulations.

Slave Leia caught by the FBI

Halloween is by far the greatest day of the year. Interestingly, we have exactly the same expression on our faces right now as that pumpkin.

Kristen Bell as slave Leia

Hollywood, if you’re listening, we have a request: put Kristen Bell in everything.

Jennifer Aniston as slave Leia

Moments like this one are why we don’t think less of guys for saying they like Friends. Jennifer Aniston in Princess Leia’s bikini makes for some damn fine television.

A glistening slave Leia

It’s hot out there under the two suns of Tatooine. Fortunately for us, slave Leias don’t sweat, they glisten. Probably because that costume keeps them nice and cool

A slave Leia for sale at the gift shop

The giftshop tried everything to get rid of those two copies of the Twilight board game, but even the “buy one, get a free slave Leia” promotion couldn’t sell them.

A feisty blond slave Leia

When we see pictures like this, we think to ourselves, “Man, maybe we should go to more conventions.” But the interesting thing about that thought is that just thinking it makes you gain 5 pounds.

An Asian slave Leia

We have a theory here at Heavy: you can take anything, anything in the whole wide world, and make it better just by adding an Asian girl.

Yvonne Strahovski as slave Leia

If you don’t watch Chuck, this picture should be the only evidence you need to realize that you’re an idiot. If you want to see more of Yvonne Strahovski in this amazing costume, check out this interview she gave about the episode. If you still haven’t had your fill of slave Leias, as if you ever could, this amazing video of a bunch of them doing a car wash should help.

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