The 20 Hottest Girls Riding Bicycles

The 20 Hottest Girls Riding Bicycles

There’s something majestically beautiful about a girl riding a bicycle. The way they glide over the earth like angels, raised slightly above everything else, passing quickly enough that all you get is a fleeting glimpse as they pedal on to wherever they’re going. Also, fat chicks don’t ride bikes. They just don’t. That’s why we have for you today a collection of the 20 hottest girls riding bicycles – no motorcycles or motorbikes, this is all about the old-fashioned, simple hotness of girls on bikes. So check out these girls who, thanks to the magic of photography, you can enjoy for longer than just a fleeting glimpse.

bicycle babe pink skirt

Yes, this girl does appear to be about to bike headfirst into a wall. That’s what happens when you pose for pictures while biking in high heels.

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