The 5 Hottest Videos of Naya Rivera

Topping hot lists for Maxim and FHM, the stunning Naya Rivera makes us jump up and down with Glee. Here are five reasons why…

5. Naya’s Hottest Moments: Naya Rivera’s Glee-ful ‘Scream’ (2012)

Here’s a compilation of the sexiest moments of Naya Riviera’s career. Someone had to do it!

4. ‘Sexy & Hot’ Naya Rivera (2013)

Here’s a video of Naya Rivera singing and dancing. It’s called “Sexy & Hot.” ‘Nuff said.

3. Naya Rivera Pole Dancing (2012)

Is this a real video or not? Here, a young Naya competes in an amateur pole dancing contest, utilizing her schoolgirl “charm” and cheeky assets.

2. Naya Rivera in Color: Cosmo For Latinas (2012)

Naya rocks some kissable lipstick and connects back to her roots, posing for the sexiest women’s magazine that everyone knows about.

1. Naya’s ‘First Time’ with Maxim (2010)

Maxim pulls out some decadent lingerie pieces for Naya’s “My First Time” shoot. Be gentle.

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