The 5 Hottest Videos of Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera After a few rough months (or years), Xtina’s back and better than ever! Gracing the cover of Maxim’s October issue, Christina exhibits her impeccable transition as a cacooned Genie in a Bottle into a Dirrty songstress and finally a hot (but classy!) mama. Relive her greatest moments below!

5. Christina Aguilera Strips for GQ (2006)

Here, Christina unrobes (literally) for GQ staff (and readers, once they purchase the mag). Stripped indeed…

4. Xtina’s “Stripped” Album Shoot (2002)

Christina unleashes her new look: streaked dreadlocks, leather chaps, jeans – and not much else.

3. Xtina Shows “Allure” for Allure Magazine Photoshoot (2006)

If you’re opting for sophisticated Marilyn over modern Xtina, then flip through this video and turn back time. Christina’s etro red lips are all it takes…

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2. Christina Loves “Your Body” (2012)

A curvier Xtina sucks on a plastic spoon and surrenders to trysts with multiple men – all while spilling pink substance, and confetti?

1. Xtina Gets “Dirrty” (2002)

And, finally, the infamous song/video that permanently transformed Christina’s career. Here’s “Dirrty,” where everything (about the video, lyrics) lives up to its name: mud wrestling, orgy showering, etc.

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