Ukranian Anastasiya Kuzmina Wins Gold Medal for Women’s Biathlon



Slovakian Anastasiya Kuzmina, 29, won the gold medal for the 7.5 kilometer biathlon, a mix between cross country skiing and rifle shooting. This was Kuzmina’s second gold medal in the same category from when she took home Gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Olga Vilukhina Won the Silver Medal



Russia’s Olga Vilukhina, 25, won her first Olympic medal, taking silver. Her husband, Valery Ivanov, is another Olympic athlete who competed in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano.

Vita Semerenko Won the Bronze Medal



Ukraine’s Vita Semerenko, 28, won the bronze medal which is also her first Olympic medal, though she also competed in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games. This was Ukraine’s first medal at the Sochi Olympics.

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Netherlands’ Irene Wust wins Gold Medal in Women’s 3K Speed Skating

Irene Wust won the gold medal, Martina Sablikova won silver and Olga Graf takes silver medal.

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Switzerland’s Dario Cologna Wins Gold Medal for Men’s Skiathlon

Dario Cologna won the gold medal, Marcus Hellner won silver medal and Martin Johnsrud Sundby won the bronze medal.

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