Man Up! Best Links For Wednesday, January 13th

Wednesday! Hump day! and when you’re through humping, why not click on some damn links!

Father Offends His Daughter on Facebook – The best part is his response.

10 Great Animated GIFs – From Emma Watson to silly monkeys to bailing supermodels.

Star Wars Burlesque Show – Never thought Boba Fett could be sexy.

Animals In Casts – A brilliant thing, these animals in casts.

10 Awesome Beatle Mashups – 1) Take Beatles song, 2) add Sublime, Guns n’ Roses, etc… 3) Awesome?

The 5 Worst Possible Facebook Status Updates – Ultrafail city.

Guy Does Pullups From a Skyscraper – I hope that’s a parachute on his back, cuz there aren’t any safety lines.

25 Great Brutally Honest Moments – These people are either really honest or really stupid… or both.

10 Hottest American Idol Contestants Ever – No Sanjaya. I promise.

Elle Liberachi FHM Photoshoot – What I would’ve given to be a fly on the wall here. Possibly a nut.

The Most Rockin’ Kids Show Themes – Jam out to these classic boob tube tunes.

Sexbot Creator Interview – If she humps as bad as he talks, this ain’t gonna work.

Top 5 Movies of 2009 – The cinema treated us well last year.

Sledding Girl vs Parked Car – Usually you can predict the winner of these.

Perfect Strangers Theme: Seattle Vs. Chicago – One of those things that I don’t know why somebody did, but I’m glad they did.

Kylie Bisutti in a Bikini – Poolside and only 19 years old. A fine combination.

Jimmy Kimmel Impersonates Jay Leno – …and it’s gooood

5 Unreal MMA Photos – Captured moments right before, during and after amazing knockouts.

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