Man Up! Best Links For Tuesday, February 16th

Happy Mardi Gras! In case you’re going on a hiatus from internet awesomeness, we’ve compiled the best of the best entertainment available today. Check it out!

25 Great Sexual Innuendo Moments – If you ever meet the man behind these designs, shake his hand. Shake it hard.

Boy Shorts on Girls – …are so awesome!

Crazy Russians Jumping into Snow Drifts – These guys jump from a five-story building. They’re insane.

Balloon in a Wasteland – This game isn’t hard… it’s just fun. Enjoy.

Sumo Knockout – Never would’ve predicted this outcome.

Insanely Hot Hayden Panettiere Photos – Unfortunately, her boyfriend could kick your ass.

Scooby Doo vs Brian From Family Guy – Who would win? A drunk dog or one who’s scared all the time? Vote now!

Backflip Faceplant – Let’s do a backflip off a fence! In the winter! Onto pavement! Nothing can go wrong!

Cabin Fever With Eli Roth – The Bear Jew sits down for an interview.

1983 Seduction Methods – Take a step back 27 years and learn how things used to be

6 Sexual Records You Shouldn’t be Proud Of – Seriously. Some of these are beyond disturbing.

Girl Busts Her Implant on TV – Should we laugh, cringe or be turned on?

7 Obnoxious Movie-Goers – Strange. These are the same 7 people we all want to torture.

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