Man Up! Best Links For Thursday, February 4th

This link dump is has everything you could ever want. Bikini chicks, crazy stunts, stupid people and mixed martial arts awesomeness. You know what to do.

33 of the Funniest Classified Ads Ever – Some of the best trades/sells ever found.

Most Diverse Backpack Ever – This either took some serious thought or absolute laziness.

Craziest Rope Swing Ever – This dude has some serious stones. Unbelievable.

Hot Chick Time Machine: Heather Thomas – For the nostalgia fan in you.

Hotties on a Motorboat – These two are just pumped to be on a boat.

A Scientific Analysis Of Top 100 Babe Lists – Science and hot chicks: friends forever.

Jessica Jane Clement Bikini Pics – Well the blue one isn’t technically a bikini, but the black one sure is.

Chris Rock Defends Rap Music – New Rap vs Old Rap… Are you ready? Let’s get it on!

Digg Users are Hardcore – I do not deny. This is hilarious.

138,000 Volts Disables Man – The saddest/worst/funniest/dumbest part of this is that he did it for weed.

Jimmy Kimmel Owns Leno… Again! – Thanks, Jimmy. You made us smile once again.

2 Chicks Take the Cinnamon Challenge – …Except one spoon is full of cayenne pepper.

Strikeforce: Miami – Lawler vs Manhoef – In case you’ve been under a rock for the past week, check out this awesome fight.

Rip Taylor Celebrates With X-Play – If there’s one guy on the guest list for every party I throw, it’s Rip Taylor.

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