Man Up! Best Links For Wednesday, March 3rd

Happy Hump Day! And what way to forget that you still have two more days until the weekend arrives than to click a random assortment of links that are guaranteed to crack a smile? Shut up and click.

Chewbacca’s Many Moods – A great montage of the lovable fuzzball’s mood swings.

New Self Lighting Cigarette – Wow. Right when you think we got lazy enough…

Most Insane Trees in the World – Ever see a tree flipping you off? Would you like to?

New OK Go Music Video – It’s like a Wile E. Coyote cartoon with music!

No Stupid Emos on Facebook? – This guy begs to differ.

The Weirdest Diseases You Never Knew Existed – And these are serious.

Motorcycle to the Crotch – Much easier that a vasectomy.

10 Ways to Get Your Man Card Revoked – This is the 2010 edition. Don’t fail this year.

20 Hottest Robots of All Time – If you say you’ve heard of all 20, I dub you a liar.

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