Man Up! Best Links For Tuesday, May 11th

What would be a man’s perfect day? And what would happen if sexy college chicks were in ads for colleges? And while we’re at it, what’s up with Lady Gaga’s new outfit?

Cold Stone Every Topping Under the Sun Dae Challenge – [TopCultured]

If Sexy College Girls Were Ads For College… – [Uncoached]

Nerd Loses It After His Password is Changed – [theCHIVE]

Eating Ice Cream on a Roller Coaster – [EatMyShorts]

“Helping” An Amputee – Yahoo! Answers – [I-Am-Bored]

Marisa Miller Harley Davidson Shoot – [DonChavez]

Lady Gaga’s Interesting Wardrobe Choice – [Guyism]

A Man’s Perfect Day – [BroBible]

Babe of the Day: Vikki Blows – [BigSmudge]

No One Likes a Grammar Nazi – [RegretfulMorning]

Bad Truck Driver Dumps Party Chicks – [DoubleViking]

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