The 20 Awesomest Anti-BP Images

The 20 Awesomest Anti-BP Images And Videos

The continuing environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of BP’s oil-spewing pipe is a terrible tragedy, as anyone who has seen the images of wildlife covered in crude oil dying on the beaches can testify. But, thankfully, creative people the world over have been fighting back against the company, whether it be through hilarious fake Twitter accounts or awesome graphical parodies. In this feature, I’ll share 20 of the best anti-BP images that have surfaced since the spill.

BP Billboard Slimed

I would never condone vandalism, but vandals disfiguring BP signs with oily paint balloons is the kind of vandalism that I completely condone.

BP Cake

This awesome cake was spotted at a grocery store in New Orleans. I understand the bottom part, but what are the Oreos on top supposed to represent?

BP Killing Nemo

As you’ll see, no underwater friends are safe from the plumes of oil oozing from BP’s broken pipe. It looks like everybody’s favorite clownfish is just another victim.

BP Bubba Pump

Hey, maybe we can use some of that oil laying around to fry up some shrimp! Everybody loves fried shrimp, right?

BP Tony Hayward

BP Ceo Tony Hayward’s response to the crisis has received a great deal of scorn, mainly because he’s acting like a smug little dick instead of apologizing profusely. BP should maybe cap the leak in his pipe, too.

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