Man Up! Best Links for Tuesday July 27

Russians celebrate high school graduations better than we do

Remember those pictures of a whale jumping on a boat? Well now there’s video. We also have Grandpa Simpson teaching American history, Alesandra Ambrosio doing the whole St. Barts bikini thing yet again, animals stealing food and being adorable, and the funniest old school dating videos.

Grandpa Simpson Teaches American History

A Collection of Famous Girl on Girl Kisses

More Pictures of Allesandra Ambrosio in a Bikini on St. Barts

Hottie Jenny Chu Looks Good in Pink. And Blue. And Probably Every Other Color Too.

The 20 Funniest eBay Auctions of All Time

Whale Takes Down a Boat

22 Animals Adorably Stealing Food

Check out the University of Oregon Cheerleading Team

Old School Dating Videos are Hilarious

Huge Brawl Breaks out over a Burrito

Tiffany Joy Santos Wearing a Schoolgirl Outfit. At First, At Least.

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