Man Up! Best Links for Wednesday July 21

No, Mr Bond... I expect you to die

What will it take to make you enjoy this Wednesday? A surfing sheep? A guy tightrope walking across a canyon with no safety line? The best of Kim Kardashian’s twitter pictures? What about the most beautiful sports reporter ever? Who says Wednesday’s have to suck?

The Most Epic Dare of All Time

Kim Kardashian’s Twitter Photos Deserve Their Own Post

Balloon Freak Traps Himself in a Balloon

Michelle Hunziker Makes Me Want to Watch German TV

Surfing Sheep is As Cool As it Sounds

Dean Potter Tightrope Walks Across a Canyon With No Safety Line

Turtle Tries to Escape From Bin

Sara Carbonero is So Beautiful You’ll Want to Cry

A Field Guide to the Four Major Types of Homeless People

The Most Painful Nutshot Ever. Seriously, Ever.

Motorcycle vs Truck. Place Your Bets.

The Worst Celebrity Face Tattoos

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