Prepare Yourself For The Redneck Jersey Shore

Redneck Jersey Shore

495 Productions, the producers of Jersey Shore, are hard at work on a new program tentatively titled Party Down South. Currently filming, word is the show has already been sold to Comedy Central, making it one of a very short list of actual reality shows that the network has aired.

According to a story in the Hollywood Reporter, an insider on the show insists that they are not creating a show to poke fun at Southerners. “It’s not ‘Redneck Jersey Shore,” the insider said. “We’re looking to have viewers laughing with the cast, not at them. We want a cast of funny people with stories to tell.” See, they’re not looking to take advantage of these people! And if you can’t trust a reality show producer, who can you trust?

Wondering when this whole Jersey Shore fad will blow over? Well, if the current reality programming production slate is any indication, no time soon. Among the many new shows going before the lens soon:

495 Productions’ Wicked Summah, based in Boston. Great, it will be that Jimmy Fallon SNL skit, only one hour long every week.

Another 495 Production show, The Persian Version, will be a South Park episode sprung to life. There is already a boycott forming in the Persian community against the show before it has aired.

Tyrese Gibson’s HQ Pictures put out a casting call in the spring for Asians or people obsessed with Asian culture for an untitled Asian-American series to be filmed in Los Angeles’ Koreatown. I’m guessing Gibson is just biding time until they announce plans for Four Brothers 2.

Finally, there is Brighton Beach. The producers put out a casting call in the spring looking for “the Russian Snooki or Russian Situation” in the spring. It’s already the end of summer, which shows you how hard it is to find drunken douches in Brooklyn. They may need to hire outside help.

I would wish these shows the best, but they don’t need it. As we all know, there is nothing that spells success like taking a popular television show and trying to copy it two years after the fact.

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