The 20 Worst Construction Fails

The 20 Worst Construction Fails

You know that moment when you’re putting something together and you say to yourself, “God, this just can’t be right,” but then you just keep going anyway hoping it all turns out OK? Apparently, for many construction workers, that feeling never goes away. Or maybe it never comes up in the first place. For whatever reason, construction workers have made some pretty stupid mistakes; the kind of mistakes a six-year-old walking by on the other side of the street could point out to them, but they don’t notice. It’s amazing how much easier things get when you just don’t give a crap about your job. So check out this hilarious gallery of the 20 Worst Construction Fails.

upside down house construction fail

The people who built this house clearly aren’t as stupid as you might think. See, the design was obviously unstable, so they realized they had to flatten out the point on the bottom. Good looking out, team.

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