The 20 Awesomest GIFs of Cats Being Dicks

Your cat doesn’t care that you’re tired or want to read the paper, it’s hungry and not gonna let you rest until that food dish is full. Even then, it’s probably still going to later dart between your legs as you walk down the stairs. That’s just your cat’s natural dickish behavior. Don’t fault them for it, something in the feline DNA compels cats to be indifferent jerks roughly 80% of the time (yes, we made that stat up). Cats can be real jerkwads and we’ve got the evidence to back it up.

cat hogs food

Some cats just never learned to share.

cat attack

Poor little fella, never even saw the heinous attack coming.

cats hate kids

In the cat’s defense, that kid was getting pretty annoying.

cat provokes dog

Stupid, stupid dog, thinking it was going to get to relax with a cat in the room.

cat slaps dog

This kind of thing can really ruin a dog’s street cred.

flying cat

WHOA! Pretty awesome, but also a pretty dick move to pull on the people trying to rescue you. 8 lives left, cat.


Not only does the cat carry out his dickish behavior on this pooch, but he utilizes a Roomba to incorporate laziness into his bullying routine.

surf cat

Cats will use anything and everything to evade justice from their jerk-like ways.

cat attack

Cat on cat crime

cat hates keyboard

“Your computer time is over”

cat bitch slap

This woman had to learn the hard way not to buy dry cat food.

This cat should have known better than to get in a box with another cat in the room. There is clearly no honor among felines.

cat starts fight

Trolling even has it’s place in the animal kingdom, especially among cats.

cat attacks baby

Cats are never impressed with babies doing baby things. Perhaps if this baby had something to offer like food or ball of yarn she wouldn’t have felt this cat’s wrath.


Let’s just hope for humanity’s sake that Catzilla stays fiction.

lion tries to eat baby

Kinda cruel on the parents’ part. Just give the lion the baby already, geeze.

japanese dick cat

I have no idea what this cat is doing or from where it channels its powers, but it’s most certainly a dick move.


Good luck sleeping when this is going on.

cat blocked

That’s right, you’ve just been cat-blocked, chump.

cat falling

Cats being dicks, since the dawn of time.

Let’s end this piece with a video of Teddy the asshole cat.

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